RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe


Much like its counterparts in the RICPIND product line, the RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe boasts an infinite cherry, reducing the necessity for frequent relighting, and it can be easily adapted for use with water pipes.

Discover the innovative RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe today and experience it firsthand.

“It was wonderful. I bought additional glass pipes because I applied too much force during cleaning and accidentally broke the original one that came with it. Still, it’s a fantastic piece.” Chris B.

“I won’t lie, I originally got hyped on this from the video 420 Science made about them. I got one for myself for Christmas, and ended up buying one as a gift for a friend as well. I actually really like using it with my water pipes. It pulls very easily, stays lit, and holds way more than you’d think.” Brian G.

Twist Away from the Ordinary Blunts

Are traditional glass blunts falling short of your expectations? The SpiralDesign Pipe offers a groundbreaking alternative with its unique corkscrew delivery system, effortlessly feeding the cherry end as you twist it. This innovative glass blunt can store a substantial amount of herb, allowing for easy loading and prolonged enjoyment. Simply grind your bud, detach the auger, fill the glass cylinder, and then screw in the auger to reverse load the chamber bowl by bowl, delivering a satisfying and prolonged experience.

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Why RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe?

Experience the epitome of sophistication, innovation, and quality with the RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe. This exquisitely crafted pipe not only showcases an elegant design but also incorporates a spiral pathway for an unmatched and comfortable experience. Crafted with heat-resistant pyrex glass for unparalleled durability and boasting proprietary titanium coating on brass components, this pipe ensures long-lasting use. Elevate your rituals with a product that embodies craftsmanship, sophistication, and an exceptional experience – the RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe awaits your enjoyment.

RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe ensures a smooth draw

The screw plays a pivotal role in enhancing the cooling process by effectively extending the length of the pathway, providing the augur with ample time to disperse heat effectively. This unique feature allows for a much smoother and cooler experience overall. Furthermore, the heat sink mechanism, coupled with the extension of the path, combines harmoniously to deliver a truly remarkable cooling effect, significantly reducing the overall temperature by an impressive 30%. The result is a more enjoyable and comfortable experience that lets you savor every moment without the harshness of excessive heat.

Fresh draws all day long!

Archimedes’ ingenuity would surely be celebrated for our innovative application of his screw design. With a simple twist of the screw, it propels fresh herbs forward, preparing them for a splendid combustion experience. It’s a testament to ancient wisdom meeting modern convenience.

Benefits of Brass with Proprietary Titanium Coating and Heat-Resistant Pyrex Glass with RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe:

  1. Enhanced Durability

The proprietary titanium coating on the brass components ensures exceptional strength and resistance to wear, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable product.

  1. Superior Heat Management

The heat-resistant pyrex glass efficiently handles high temperatures without compromising its integrity, providing a safe and consistent experience.

  1. Elevated Craftsmanship

The combination of brass and pyrex glass showcases a premium level of craftsmanship, resulting in a refined and aesthetically pleasing design that complements your preferences for a tasteful experience.

Let us hear from our other happy customer with RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe:

“I’m thoroughly impressed with the RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe. It’s a game-changer, delivering smooth hits and an elegant design. Highly recommend!” -Alfred S.

“The RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe exceeded my expectations. Its unique design not only looks great but also provides an exceptional smoking experience. Definitely a must-try for enthusiasts!” Michael

Package Includes: 1 x RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe

Color: black, rose gold, silver, gold

How to load:

  1. Remove screw. Find caps at the bottom of box.
  2. Fill the pipe with your herbs.
  3. Twist/ push screw into the pipe.
  4. Light up. Remove cap and enjoy!

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RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe
RICPIND Mini Glass SpiralDesign Pipe
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