RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device


Revitalize your travels with RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device, the ultimate solution for on-the-go freshness and revitalization

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“I sought a portable garment refreshener for my journeys, and RICPIND Aroma Fresh Mini Travel Deodorizing Mist exceeded expectations. Remarkably effective, it flawlessly tackled wrinkles in various fabrics while hanging, providing a truly remarkable experience.” – Janna Alonso

“Never am I without this essential companion. As a seasoned traveler, I encounter hotel ironing challenges frequently. RICPIND Aroma Fresh Mini Travel Deodorizing Mist is lightweight, user-friendly, and indispensable, ensuring a refreshing and odor-free experience wherever I venture. Thank you!” – Namia Hodges

The latest in travel innovation, the RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device effortlessly revives your garments on-the-go with powerful steam technology

Presenting the upgraded RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device, featuring effortless one-button operation for unmatched simplicity. Enjoy swift 15-second heating and sustained misting for up to an impressive hour, ideal for your on-the-go needs. With its powerful yet gentle mist, crafted with a high-performing 1300W motor, this compact travel companion swiftly eliminates wrinkles and odors from clothing, ensuring freshness and convenience throughout your journey.


How does RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device work?

RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device operates efficiently by emitting a gentle yet powerful mist infused with refreshing aromas, effectively neutralizing odors from clothing during travel. Utilizing its compact design and one-button operation, it provides convenient and portable deodorization for garments, ensuring a fresh and pleasant experience on the go. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of this innovative misting device, designed to refresh and revitalize clothing while traveling.

Key features of RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device



Featuring a 30ml transparent water tank, this steamer enables effortless monitoring of the water level, ensuring convenient refills as needed. The removable tank simplifies the refilling process, while the handle crafted from PAI polymer offers a comfortable grip for users. With its high-temperature capabilities and integrated safety features, it guarantees efficient and secure operation.


This device is your essential travel companion, perfect for removing odors and sweat from clothing during hotel stays. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, ensuring freshness and comfort wherever you travel. Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly banishing unwanted odors from your garments while away from home.


With a compact design perfect for travel, this mini steamer includes a 30ml transparent water tank for easy water level monitoring, ideal for hotel stays. The detachable tank streamlines refilling, while the PAI polymer handle ensures a comfortable grip. Boasting high-temperature capabilities and built-in safety features, it ensures efficient and secure operation wherever you are.


This adaptable device serves as your ideal companion for effectively removing sweat and bad odors from a wide range of clothing items, whether you’re at home or on business trips, providing convenience wherever you venture. Engineered to handle all types of fabrics, from T-shirts and shirts to coats, wool, denim, curtains, furniture, toys, silk, lace, and beyond, it ensures a seamless deodorizing experience for all your garment care needs.

Designed with Premium Stainless-Steel Heater

RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device is engineered with a premium stainless-steel, enhancing its effectiveness for deodorizing and removing sweat from clothes. This innovative feature guarantees efficient operation, ensuring durability and superior results for keeping your garments fresh and pristine while traveling. Experience unmatched convenience with this compact travel essential, designed to maintain your clothing’s cleanliness on the go.

  • Quickly and Effective
  • Effortless Designed and Portable

What makes RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device special?

  • Premium stainless-steel heater
  • Rapid heating
  • Powerful steam release
  • Enhanced durability
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Versatile fabric compatibility
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RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device
RICPIND Mini Travel Dry Laundry Aroma Device
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