RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring


Empower your safety with RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring, your wearable protection at your fingertips.

 Key features of RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

A must-have self-defense power tool. This ring offers quick bursts of spray, reaching up to 2 meters, making it a must-have for self-defense. It keeps attackers away and adds safety without compromising style.

RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

Strong Formula. This pepper spray uses the market’s most effective formula, boasting an industry-high heat rating of 2 million SHU (in contrast, a jalapeno pepper measures 5000 SHU), affecting mucous membranes like eyes and the respiratory system. It can induce coughing, skin burning, and impaired vision. Additionally, its UV dye leaves a trace for investigation purposes. While non-lethal, the pepper spray and tear gas combo are potent enough to subdue an adult without causing life-threatening harm.

Simplicity meets efficiency. With easy pressing for instant spray, this self-defense ring ensures you’re always prepared to protect yourself without hassle. It’s a simple and effective way to ward off attackers and stay safe in any situation.

RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

Easy to conceal. Designed with the appearance of a fashionable ring, it conceals its strength seamlessly. Though small, it packs more power than standard stun guns, ensuring discreet yet potent protection. Its sleek build ensures it stays on your finger, and for added strength, you can wear multiple rings, always prepared for any situation.

Small and compact. Ideal for outdoor exercisers or those walking to and from their car, the RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring is a compact self-defense option. Its discreet, stylish design conceals durability and lightweight construction, ensuring swift access for continuous protection. Wear it or easily carry it in your wallet, necklace, or keychain for instant defense.

Stay Stylish and Safe. This survival ring is crafted for discreet wear, seamlessly blending into your everyday attire, fitting effortlessly in your bag, wallet, pocket, or even on a keychain. It’s designed to remain inconspicuous while ensuring immediate accessibility for personal protection.

RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

 What makes RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring special?

✓ Discreet yet powerful protection
✓ Effortless accessibility in emergencies
✓ Elegant design for everyday wear
✓ Immediate safety without searching
✓ Convenient for various carry options
✓ Ideal gift for personal safety

RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

How to refill

1. Open the lid and spray cap of the pepper spray bottle.
2. The ring is equipped with a press-filling port used for refilling.
3. Press firmly up and down several times.
4. Can use anytime, anywhere.


Package Includes: 1 x RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring

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RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring
RICPIND Pepper Defense Spray Survival Ring
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