RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light


How does Smart Temperature Sensor work?

The RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light utilizes advanced temperature-sensing technology, taking its performance to a sophisticated level. This innovative system not only enhances its appearance but also serves a practical purpose. When the smart sensor detects temperature drops, it activates the heat mechanism, using solar energy to illuminate and emit warmth, ensuring a cozy ambiance indoors and out. Experience style and functionality in one with the RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light, creating a welcoming atmosphere even in chilly weather.

Powerful ice-melting technology

The RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light ensures a snow-free environment around your home during winter. With its strong de-icing system clearing up to 5 meters of snow and ice, it keeps your outdoor areas, pathways, and entrances safe and accessible. Embrace worry-free winters, safeguarding your home’s surroundings from snow hazards.


This solar-powered de-icing light is not just attractive but also energy-efficient, reducing your electricity costs. It operates sustainably by utilizing sunlight, ensuring continuous de-icing and lighting functions day and night. This eco-conscious method benefits both the environment and your wallet, offering a cost-effective solution to keep your outdoor spaces clear and illuminated in winter.

 Rugged and weather-resistant: built to last

Experience substantial energy savings and exceptional durability with this solar-powered device. Designed to endure harsh weather, it remains reliable in extreme climates, providing a cost-effective and dependable solution year-round.

Versatile for all outdoor needs

The RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light is incredibly versatile, adding value to your home. Use it to create a cozy ambiance outdoors to tackle snow and ice buildup on your front porch, driveway, or backyard. Its adaptability ensures warmth and functionality wherever you need it most.

Designed with Smart Temperature Sensor

Designed with a smart temperature sensor, the RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light adapts to changing weather conditions. This intuitive feature triggers the heat mechanism to melt snow and ice, ensuring a safer environment during freezing temperatures.

✓ All-round outdoor use
✓ Wireless/ easy to install


What makes RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light special?

✓ Smart temperature-sensing technology
✓ Efficient snow and ice melting
✓ Versatile outdoor use
✓ Weather-resistant and durable build
✓ Solar-powered for eco-friendliness
✓ Creates a safer environment

Package Includes: 1 x RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light

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RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light
RICPIND Solar Melt De-Icer Outdoor Light
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