【25PCS】 Rocket Slingshot LED Helicopters

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【25PCS】 Rocket Slingshot LED Helicopters

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive gift for your kiddos, this one’s perfect!

Still familiar with the traditional slingshot? Well, you might want to check its latest update: the Amazing LED Slingshot Helicopters. It is a safe, fun, durable, and unique toy that every kid can own. It features a gorgeous LED display for an added attraction.

How to use:

Firstly, attach the rubber band to the Slingshot,
Secondly, Fold the sling copter wings and turn on the LED light,
Thirdly, Pull back the sling copter.
Fourthly, let it go!



  • UNIQUE TOY. Our flyers are a whole new toy that you and your kids will enjoy. It is the modern version of a slingshot.
  • BEAUTIFUL. Its Led light in the dark features lets you get a relaxing mood at night.
  • HASSLE-FREE. There’s almost no need to read the manual because this toy is pretty easy to use.
  • BATTERY-FREE. It uses kinetic energy to power up this toy.
  • PURE FUN. Your kids will definitely love this toy once they receive it.

【25PCS】 Rocket Slingshot LED Helicopters


Color: Random
Size: 17*5*3cm

Rocket Slingshot LED Helicopters
【25PCS】 Rocket Slingshot LED Helicopters