Roll Up Piano

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Practice Piano Anywhere With The Roll Up Piano

This Roll-Up Digital Piano will go with you anywhereanytime!

Playing the piano is an amazing passion that has been shown to improve brain development, especially in young children, however, traditional pianos/keyboards are large and bulky and can cost hundreds or thousands. This means many people simply don’t commit to learning for lack of space or fear that money will be wasted in vain if the piano/keyboard doesn’t get used.

Roll Up Piano is the perfect keyboard for those who aren’t just ready to commit to spending thousands on a full-size piano/keyboard or may be limited on space. Simply unroll Roll Up Piano and practice your favorite instrument on any desk or flat surface.

Nurture A Passion For Music


  • Perfect for Children and Beginners – Practice and improve while away from home keeping kids off addicting electronics.
  • 49 Key Compact Design – Won’t overwhelm new learners with too many keys and provides enough keys to play your favorite songs.
  • Multiple Playing Functions – Rhythm, drum, sound effects, and chord learning function keys allowing you to play different sounds and master difficult chords.
  • 6 Built-In Songs – To get beginners an easy start and hooked on playing the piano.
  • Recording & Playback Functions – Record and playback functions so you can hear yourself back and constantly improve.
  • Compact & Lightweight Design – Roll up your educational piano and take it wherever you go keeping kids entertained and away from electronic devices on the road.
  • Built-in Speaker & 3 Headphone Jack – Play as loud as you want or keep things down privately with headphones and adjustable audio level.

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Roll Up Piano
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