Rooster Type Laser Cat Toy

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Have a fun way interacting with your cat with the Rooster Type Laser Cat Toy! With functions that will surely make your cat happy!

This item is a multipurpose electric cat toy with many features that will successfully pique a cat’s interest in playing.

The Rooster Type LaserCat Toy contains a sensor switch that operates automatically. The toy will swing back and forth when the cat touches it.

The Rooster Type LaserCat Toy’s head creates a chick sound to capture the cat’s attention!

This device employs a self-weight balance mechanism, which allows it to move on its own when two points come into contact, no need for an electric motor to move!

This toy has a switch for an independent cat calling device. The toy emits a unique sound that may be used to summon your cats. If your cat is naughty and leaves the your sight area, you can use this function to call the cat back.

No need to replace batteries as the Rooster Type LaserCat Toy is built with batteries that saves you from buying disposable batteries!

The mechanics and features of the Rooster Type LaserCat Toy will definitely not harm your cat in any way because the laser is launched by the cat’s touch and will not strike the cat’s eyes directly. The launch time is also quite brief, and the cat’s eyes will not be damaged.

Dimensions: 93mm x 73mm x 137mm
ABS Plastic
Package Inclusion:
Rooster Type LaserCat Toy (x1)

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Rooster Type Laser Cat Toy
Original price was: $49.94.Current price is: $24.97. Select options