Royalprestige™Prostate Patches


Introducing Royalprestige™Prostate Patches, your ultimate tool for rejuvenating your prostate health! Our Royalprestige™Prostate Patches are engineered to encourage natural prostate health in a manner that is comfortable, safe, and effective. Discover the ideal solution for decreasing prostate size and promoting its health in a pain-free way.

The Royalprestige™Prostate Patches functions as a barricade against hormone overload in cellsstopping our body from taking in the excessive amount of hormones produced by the male primary organ. This compels the body to utilize its previously generated and stored hormone reserves for energy, leading to the reduction and maintenance of a normal prostate size. Moreover, the distinctive blend in the Prostate Patch offers a potent effect for libido recovery, enabling men to restore the sexual drive that an enlarged prostate tends to decrease.

Wave farewell to the troubles of frequent urination! Our patches work to lessen the need for constant urination, while also enhancing bladder controlBoosted blood circulation is another critical advantage of our patches, contributing to the overall health and smooth operation of your prostate.

Heat and dampness are two factors that can cause harm to your prostate. Our patches provide warmth to the gland, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Additionally, improved sleep patterns are another significant benefit of our patches, assisting you to awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Royalprestige™Prostate Patches has the following product:


  1. Clean and dry the area around your navel (belly button).
  2. Remove the protective film from the patch.
  3. Apply the patch to the cleaned area around your navel.
  4. Press down on the patch firmly to ensure it adheres properly.
  5. Leave the patch on for 8-12 hours.
  6. After 8-12 hours, remove the patch and dispose of it.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with a new patch every day.


  • Type: patches
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Target User: men

Product Includes

  • Royalprestige™Prostate Patches
Royalprestige™Prostate Patches
Royalprestige™Prostate Patches
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