RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray

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Make every metal back to its former glory using this all-purpose rust cleaning spray!


  • High-Cleaning Efficiency
    An incredibly powerful water-based agent that is designed specifically to simultaneously clean and remove rust from any surface. Eliminating all heavy rust buildups like rust stains, rust marks and even common house ferrous discolorations. Moreover, the spray’s specialized, fast-acting formula can aggressively break down every metal oxides safely within a minute. Leaving your metal household items back on its tip-top shape without any signs of oily or sticky residues behind.

RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray

  • Long-Lasting Protection
    The rust remover spray clings remarkably on the surface to de rust while forming a dense, waxy protective coating. Allowing it to withstand various weather conditions, including rain or snow and acts as a long-term shield to prevent metal from re oxidation. It lets you combat typical stubborn nuisance and restore your item’s shine without the need of constant reapplication of the spray.

  • Easy to Use
    This premium spray is handy and it generates a fine sprinkle of the solution with just an easy press. In addition, with its water-based formulation, it can be applied for vertical, horizontal and all hard-to-reach surfaces with ease. Simply spray the product directly on the rusted area, then gently wipe it using a clean cloth or sponge to clear out the stains and you’re good to go. No more forceful and time-consuming scrubbing needed,  expensive repairs and worst continual irreparable damage!
  • Wide Application
    The heavy-duty rust dissolving spray is suitable for a wide range of metal materials. Perfect for door shaft, door and window hinge, vehicle wheels, bicycle chains, bolts, screws, faucets, showers, sinks, tubs, toilets, work surfaces, stainless steel tableware and more possibilities.

RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, specialized formula that can restore your stained metal item’s condition in a breeze. It does not emit any harsh fumes so it can be used confidently inside the house. Furthermore, the spray doesn’t cause damage or discoloration to all metals and it is also harmless to any skin type.


  • Weight: 30ml


  • 1 x RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray
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RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray
RustAid All-Purpose Rust Cleaning Spray