Safety Belt Metal Extension Buckle

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Safety Belt Metal Extension Buckle

Safety Belt Metal Extension Buckle

Universal car seat belt extensions provide security when the vehicle’s original seat belt is not long enough. It is great for car seats, children, pregnant women, overweight people, etc.


  • High-quality materials: zinc alloy material electroplating + leather design process, from material selection to screening, the humanized design is not only beautiful, but also practical.
  • Brand-specific:each Seat Belt Extender is developed according to the model, The seat belt buckle is standard in every location. Therefore, most commercial vehicles can be combined with seat belt buckles.
  • Expandable design: additional advanced features, seat belt extender, all metal casting make it safe to use, very practical functional products, beautiful and practical.
  • Disable belt alarm completely:The seat belt extender will completely mute the sound of the safety alarm, everyone knows that everyone hates it-the disturbing, never-ending “beep” sound of the seat belt alarm-you What you have is that you can completely mute the alarm sound.


  • Material: Zinklegierung
  • Processing: Precision electroplating process
  • Applicable models: most of the models
  • Weight: 80G