SecuredFix Car Push-Type Rivet Kit


Easily and quickly replace worn-out or broken fender clips with the SecuredFix Car Push-Type Rivet Kit!

Save time and money.


Universal fit. These are designed to have a universal fit. You can use the clips on everything from your fender to your door trim to your radiator shield yoke.

Durable and premium quality. The clips are constructed from a high-quality nylon material that won’t break or crack.

Push-type. Designed to be push-in type, easy to fasten bumper fender flare and mud flap. Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and tight fastening.

Wide use of application. Commonly used for fitting side skirt, bumper, car fender, door trim panel, interior trim panel, and various trim panels. They can be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, trains, planes, caravans, etc.

Quick and easy to use. This fits different parts of your cars from fender to door trim to radiator shield. Quickest fix especially when the original automotive plastic clips pop out from normal wear and tear or break from accidents and collisions.


100pcs x Push-Type Rivet


100pcs x Push-Type Rivet
1pc x Fastener Remover

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SecuredFix Car Push-Type Rivet Kit
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