Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape

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Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape
  • Let the items you want to use are within your reach like the tissue box is attached to the refrigerator and can be extracted by lifting the hand. Our Magnetic Strip makes chores easier and more manageable and keeps them in order at your fingertips.


  • Organize The Little Things
    Perfect to tidy up your office, school, or home. It holds many small objects such as rulers, sharpener, calculators, scissors, keys, and many others. Increase the weight capacity by added additional strips for heavier objects.
  • Cut to Any Length Or Shape
    Our flexible magnet tape can be cut with any normal scissors to the length you need, and it will fit exactly to the space you have! Offers you an excellent solution for your craft projects, office, and home, kitchen, whiteboards, automotive, garage, bathroom, classrooms, or any other place.
  • 3M Strong Adhesive Backing
    Just stick it to any smooth and dry surface. Our tape features a premium 3M adhesive made for sticking quickly and firmly to clean, smooth, and uniform paper, wood, stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum, glass, and rigid plastic surfaces. It doesn’t leave any residue once removed!
  • Maximum Flexibility and Creativity
    Great for teachers, students, nurses, office workers, DIY thinkers, mothers, craft artisans, and people who love to organize. Make your own bookmark, use them on a whiteboard, organize things on the fridge, and many other things.


    • Flexible Magnetic Tape can be cut simply with scissors.
    • Method 1: Stick the adhesive side on any smooth surface and then use the magnetic side to attach your metal type things.
    • Method 2: Stick the magnetic side on a metal surface and use the adhesive side to stick your things.
    • Method 3: Stick one magnetic tape on any smooth surface firstly, then stick the other magnetic tape on your things and attach two magnetic tapes together.
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