🔥Winter promotion 🔥Gesture sensor stunt remote control car


🔥Winter promotion 🔥Gesture sensor stunt remote control car

🔥Winter promotion 🔥Gesture sensor stunt remote control car

Remote Control Car

remote control stunt car is a very cool car, this 1:12 scale 4×4 monster can climb slopes, run in high speed and all directions, and adapt to a variety of complex terrains.

the first-ever RC car powered by a fully responsive gesture control sensor system. Simply motion with your hand and watch as the RC car follows.

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We have developed in cooperation with leading engineers, most accurately-calibrated car to date. Using intuitive hand gestures, you can control the car to go forward, backward, sideways, or even make 360-degree rotations!


whether it’s hilly, bumpy, grassy, or flat. Ultra-grip rubber tires, lateral driving design, and a high-speed motor with overheat protection allow for top-notch performance.

Gesture Remote Control Instructions

The strap of the watch is made of flexible rubber, and the size of the ring and strap are adjustable. The RC car can sense the direction of hand rotation and move accordingly. In addition, deformation functions can also be achieved through gesture control.

Omnidirectional Drift

It can do 360°rapid rotation, forward, backward, left turn, and right turn. The RC car keeps moving no matter what it hits or how it lands.

🔥Winter promotion 🔥Gesture sensor stunt remote control car