SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender


Drive Unseen, Drive Confident

“No more stressing about speeding fines and dealing with court stuff. The installation was a piece of cake, and you can barely notice the thing on your plate. I’ve definitely dodged a bunch of speed cameras and red lights since slapping these on. It’s like having a secret weapon for stress-free driving. They’ve been through rain, sun, you name it, and they’re holding up like champs. If you’re sick of tickets and want a low-key way to dodge ’em, these stickers are the real deal. Game-changer for sure!” – Greg Albert

Bid Farewell to Traffic Penalties with SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender

Say goodbye to the ongoing hassle of fines due to speeding, navigating through complex court procedures, and facing potential license repercussions. Meet the SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender – the ultimate defense meticulously crafted to counter speed cameras, red light cameras, and photo radars. This cutting-edge solution not only frees you from the burden of traffic violations but also ensures a confident and protected journey on the roads.

The SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender employs advanced optical technology to shield your license plate from traffic cameras. Through a strategic combination of reflecting and absorbing specific light wavelengths utilized by these cameras, it ensures your plate remains virtually invisible to both infrared and flash photography.

This ingenious approach, complemented by an easy application process and robust design, positions the StealthPlate Defender as an essential tool for proactive drivers seeking privacy and protection on their journeys. Whether facing infrared speed cameras or those with visible flashes, this cutting-edge solution acts as an effective and discreet barrier, offering users a worry-free driving experience.

Inconspicuous to the Naked Eye

SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender is made up of material that produces a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your license plate, rendering the picture unreadable.

What makes SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender a Great Choice?

✔ Speed Camera Invisibility: Disrupts signals used by speed cameras, making your vehicle plate practically invisible. Drive confidently without worrying about automated speed enforcement.

✔ Concealed Infrared & Flash: Navigate traffic lights effortlessly while also preventing signals from unauthorized parking sensors, giving you the liberty to park without setting off undesired alerts.

✔ Vehicle-Specific Fit: Compatible with cars, trucks, and bikes.

✔ Subtle and Non-Damaging Installation: Effortless to install, ultra-thin (0.18 mm), seamlessly blending with your license plate, and virtually unnoticeable.

✔ Durable for Years: High-quality, waterproof stickers designed to endure for a minimum of 5 years.

Real Drivers, Real Stories: SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender in Action!


“I got it installed in no time, and it’s like my car has become invisible to speed cameras. The best part? I can park without worrying about those annoying illegal parking alerts. It’s the little things that make a big difference, and this defender has made my daily commute a breeze.” – Alex B.

“Speeding fines were becoming a regular occurrence, and the courtroom drama that followed was draining. But, this product has genuinely turned things around. Very recommended!” – Terresa S.


  1. How simple is it to install the StealthPlate Defender?
    Answer: Quick and hassle-free; stickers seamlessly blend with your license plate.
  2. Will these stickers affect license plate visibility or readability?
    Answer: Ultra-thin and nearly invisible, won’t obstruct license plate readability.
  3. How long will the StealthPlate Defender stickers last?
    Answer: High-quality materials ensure a 5-year lifespan; waterproof and wear-resistant.
  4. Do these stickers work against all types of traffic enforcement cameras? Answer: Certainly, it is universally compatible with all cameras and radars worldwide.
  5. Can I remove the stickers without damaging my license plate?
    Answer:  Stickers can be removed without damage, and any residue is easily cleaned.
  6. Can these stickers be used on motorcycles or vehicles with non-standard license plates?
    Answer: Suitable for motorcycles and vehicles with non-standard license plates.

SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender: Drive Stress-Free!


SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender x 1/2/3/5/10pcs

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SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender
SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender
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