Seurico™ Defender Ring


More Punch Than Your Average Stun Gun

Now, here’s the kicker – it can deliver a whopping 50,000,000 volts with just a quick touch. That’s more kick than your usual stun gun!

Seurico™ Defender Ring

A mere second of contact induces muscle contractions, giving any potential threat second thoughts.

And get this, you can even wear multiple rings for that extra layer of style and protection.

✨Wild Aesthetics, Real Power

Seurico™ Defender Ring

Crafted from stainless steel with sharp edges, this ring is not just a looker; it can break glass and even a slight touch on the skin causes intense discomfort.

Emergency protection? Check!

✨Compact, Lightweight, Ready for Action

Seurico™ Defender Ring

Need a self-defense tool for your outdoor adventures? This ring is your compact, lightweight companion.

Seurico™ Defender Ring

Pop it on your finger, in your wallet, on your necklace, or keychain – instant protection wherever you go.

✨Easy to Conceal

Resembling a regular fashion ring, it offers seamless concealment without compromising strength.

Seurico™ Defender Ring

Its sleek design ensures it stays securely on your fingers, and you can even wear multiple rings to multiply its power.

✨Rechargeable and Waterproof

The Seurico™ ring is rechargeable, lasting 30–45 days on a single charge. Say goodbye to constant battery replacements!

Seurico™ Defender Ring

It’s waterproof, ready to withstand splashes and dirt – a must-have for the safety-conscious fashionistas out there.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Alloy
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Size: Inner diameter 20 mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Seurico™ Defender Ring
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Seurico™ Defender Ring
Seurico™ Defender Ring
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