Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater


Experience the Warmth: Your Cozy Haven, Anywhere You Go!

Hear What Our Delighted Customers Have to Say!

“The Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater is an absolute game-changer! It performs miracles, effortlessly vanquishing frost and ice from my car windows. What truly amazed me is its ability to combat fog, guaranteeing crystal-clear visibility during nighttime drives. Trust me, this product is worthy of being gifted!”

– Jimmy Wilson,HOUSTON⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I can’t express how much I love this heater! Initially, I had reservations about its capacity to warm my living room, but it proved me wrong in the best way possible. Despite its small size, it radiates warmth beautifully throughout the space. Compact, yet astonishingly powerful!

– Alison Carter,Santa Ana⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bid Farewell to Winter Woes

When winter strikes with its freezing temperatures and relentless snowstorms, it can wreak havoc on your home and mobility. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures increases the risk of illness, including colds and flu, and in extreme cases, hypothermia becomes a serious concern.

Your vehicle also faces challenges in harsh weather, with frozen door handles, obscured windshields, and even complete snow burial. But worry not, because the Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater is here to save the day!

With the Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater by your side, you’ll no longer dread the icy grip of winter, as it effortlessly transforms your car into a warm sanctuary and ensures your mobility remains unhindered.

How Does It Work?

Elevate your winter experience with our remarkable compact heater, which introduces an ingenious dual-ring suspension system that not only enhances its functionality but also lends an element of grace to its design.

When set in motion, these rings perform a mesmerizing dance, igniting a process that releases kinetic energy, and it’s this energy that is skillfully harnessed to infuse warmth into your surroundings.

Marvel at the elegant rings spinning, seamlessly converting kinetic energy into gentle, enveloping heat that transforms your space. Whether in your vehicle or indoors, our exceptional heater swiftly removes ice and creates inviting warmth, ensuring stress-free, heartwarming winter journeys.

Bid farewell to winter’s chill with our sophisticated and efficient compact heater. Embrace its enchanting warmth, redefining your cold-weather moments as a testament to comfort and relaxation.

A Versatile and Stylish Addition to Your Vehicle and Home

The Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater doesn’t stop at vehicles; it swiftly delivers warmth to your home. Enjoy a cozy living space during the coldest winter months, making it an essential year-round companion.

But it doesn’t end there; this heater’s versatility shines in unexpected places. When you’re feeling under the weather, it becomes a source of comfort. Placed strategically above your toilet seat, its warmth ensures restroom breaks are pleasant, even when you’re unwell.

Stylish, Eco-Friendly, and Cost-Effective

Our heater isn’t just functional; it’s aesthetically pleasing and solar-powered. Harnessing solar energy, it not only provides efficient heating but also promotes sustainability, saving you from rising energy bills. Stay warm while being kind to the environment!

Compact Yet Powerful

Don’t underestimate its size! The Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater may be small, but it’s a heat-producing marvel. Its space-saving design fits seamlessly into tight spaces in your car or home. It’s your go-to solution for effective, space-efficient warmth, wherever you are.

Your All-in-One Heating Solution

This innovative heater isn’t limited to one setting; it excels indoors and outdoors. From warming up your living room, bedroom, or bathroom to de-icing your vehicle, it seamlessly combines functionality with sleek design, complementing any environment.

Why Choose Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater?

✔️ Complete 360° Frost Elimination
✔️ Zero Heat or Radiation Emissions
✔️ Child-Safe Technology
✔️ Efficiently Utilizes Kinetic Energy for a Gentle, Cozy Warmth
✔️ Promotes Well-being with No Adverse Effects
✔️ Combines Sleek Design with Effortless Setup
✔️ Harnesses Solar Power for Economical, Eco-Friendly Comfort


  • Product: Mini Portable Kinetic Heater
  • Applicable scenes: vehicles, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Size: 10*6cm/3.93*2.36in
  • Color: Black/ Blue/ Red/ Grey

Package Includes

  • Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater

Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater
Seurico™ FrostGuard Compact Kinetic Heater
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