Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray


Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray is inhaled through the nose, then absorbed through the trachea, stimulates and dilutes the mucus in the trachea and lungs, and helps expel phlegm and lung residues within 2 hours, unblocking your breathing passage.

It can also help correct your immune system to reduce allergic reactions through desensitization therapy, effectively treating respiratory allergies/asthma and other diseases. Dr. James’s research team’s original recombinant collagen peptide combined with quercetin helps the regeneration of lung trachea and alveolar tissue and gives you a healthy, unobstructed lung.

Imagine a product that could swiftly and effectively alleviate the congestion, inflammation, and mucus buildup that often plagues our respiratory systems. Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray is designed precisely for this purpose, offering a breath of fresh air, quite literally. It represents a powerful tool in the fight against congestion, making it easier for individuals to breathe freely and live life to the fullest.

Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray was developed by Dr.James’ research team. It creatively reconstructs collagen and combines a variety of plant extracts to reduce stress by stimulating allergens, and promotes the self-cleaning of the respiratory system to expel the lung’s waste and mucus, and give you a healthy lung.

Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray has the following product features:

Before use & After use:

  • 3 times a day, continuous use for more than 28 days:
  • Before the lung’s condition is: Dryness, inflammation, waste residue, phlegm, shortness o breath, chest tightness
  • After the lung’s condition is : Cleansing, vitality, health, easy breathing.

How to use :

  1. Cleanse nasal
  2. Shake bottle
  3. Open cover
  4. Insert nostril
  5. Spray and inhale
  6. Exhale
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Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray
Seurico™ Organic Herbal Lung Clearing Nasal Spray
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