Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker


Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker

Stay Connected Anywhere with Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker – The Ultimate Mobile Signal Booster!

In today’s globalized world, communication and internet connectivity are crucial for daily life and business activities. However, many regions still face issues with weak signals and unstable networks. To address this problem, we have developed the globally compatible Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker, a mobile signal booster product. It utilizes advanced beamforming technology to enhance signal reception strength, allowing you to enjoy stable and reliable signal connectivity no matter where you are. Installation is easy – simply attach the sticker to the back of your phone, and you will experience enhanced signal and fast data transmission. Choose SignalMax Sticker and enjoy high-quality communication and network experiences!

Seurico™: Amplify Your Phone Signal, Boost Internet Speed by More Than 10x!

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker uses Beamforming technology with multiple antennas to focus signals, improving transmission efficiency and coverage. Its built-in mini antenna accurately locates and focuses on surrounding signals, resulting in stronger and more stable signal reception, enhancing internet speed. The internal circuit board filters out interference signals and amplifies the received signal, ensuring clear communication and high-quality data transmission. The sticker is made with special materials to reduce signal interference and improve stability. Simply apply the sticker for stable calls and fast data, significantly boosting your mobile internet speed up to 10x or faster.

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker

Boost Your Internet Speed Anytime, Anywhere

Our network speed booster is a compact, circular sticker no larger than a coin, designed to seamlessly fit inside your phone case. With its small size and hassle-free installation, you can enjoy exceptional network performance effortlessly.

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker
Boost Your Network Speed Anytime, Anywhere

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker is the best solution for improving your cellphone signal. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or in remote areas like high-rise buildings or rural outskirts, it ensures stronger and more stable signals, giving you faster internet speeds. Experience Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker now and amplify your cellphone signal, boosting your internet speed by over 10 times!

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker

The main features of Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker include:

✅Enhanced signal strength – Focuses on signal sources for a stronger and more stable connection.

✅Accelerated internet speed – Speeds up data transmission, achieving up to 10 times faster speeds.

✅Easy installation – Compatible with all phone models, requiring no professional skills or tools. Simply attach the sticker to the back of your phone.

✅Signal filtering –  Filters out interference, ensuring clear communication signals.

✅Sleek and portable – Ultra-thin design that doesn’t impact the appearance or feel of your phone.


1.How does Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker work?

  • The sticker utilizes beamforming technology with multiple antennas to focus on signal sources, improving signal reception strength. The built-in mini antenna accurately locates and amplifies signals, thereby enhancing internet speed.

2.Is SignalMax Sticker compatible with all network carriers?

  • Yes, SignalMax Sticker is globally compatible and works with various network carriers, ensuring stable signals in different regions and network environments.

3.Can the sticker only be used in urban areas, or is it effective in rural or remote areas as well?

  • SignalMax Sticker is suitable for various geographical environments, including urban, rural, and remote areas. It enhances signal strength in different conditions, ensuring connectivity wherever you are.

4.Does this product require regular replacement or maintenance?

  • SignalMax Sticker is designed to be durable and does not require regular replacement or maintenance. Once installed, you can benefit from enhanced signals and faster internet speed for an extended period.

5.Can the sticker address signal issues in high-rise buildings or remote areas?

  • Yes, SignalMax Sticker is specifically designed for challenging signal environments. It enhances signal strength, providing more stable connectivity in high-rise buildings or remote areas.

6.Will the sticker impact the battery life of my phone?

  • The design of SignalMax Sticker aims to minimize its impact on the phone’s battery. It optimizes signal reception without significantly affecting the battery life of your phone.

7.Which phone models is Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker compatible with?

  • SignalMax Sticker is compatible with all phone models, ensuring applicability to mainstream brands and models available in the market.

8.What are the installation steps for SignalMax Sticker?

  • Installation is straightforward. Simply adhere the sticker to the back of your phone. No professional skills or tools are required, and you can complete the installation quickly.

9.Will this sticker affect the appearance or feel of my phone?

  • SignalMax Sticker features an ultra-thin design that won’t impact the appearance or feel of your phone. You’ll enjoy enhanced signal without compromising your phone’s original look.

10. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee or return policy?

  • Yes, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Please refer to our “Return Policy” on our website for details on our satisfaction guarantee and return process.


  • Color: Gold,Silver
  • Dimensions: Diameter Smaller Than a Coin

Package Includes: 1 x Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker

Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker – Unleash the Power of Enhanced Connectivity
Seurico™ SignalMax Sticker
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