Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

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Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

Stereoscopic 3D Sensor Chip

With its stereoscopic 3D sensor chip, it boosts sensitivity by over 90%, tripling the capture efficiency and fortifying detection of non-visible light sources.

Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

USB Fast Charge

Its USB fast charge ensures 720 hours of standby. When in detection mode, the battery supports a full 24 hours of operation. Say goodbye to the woes of frequent battery replacements.

Protect Your Privacy with a Glance

Turn on the detector switch, press and hold the power button, the red light flashes, and the infrared scanning begins. Scan through the viewport using special filter lenses. If there are red reflections, you can press the button again to adjust the flashing frequency to confirm hidden suspicious items.

Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

Superior Detection Capabilities

Equipped with 8 robust red LED lights and high-quality coated lens filters, Seurico™ ensures that camera lenses reflect clearly as bright spots in the viewing window, making them easy to find. Sweep any space, from your office to your hotel room, and bust all hidden devices including pen cameras, clock cameras, and lighter cameras.

Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

Travel-Friendly Design

Its pocket-sized design lets you carry it anywhere, ensuring you can protect your privacy no matter where you are.

Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Seurico™ detect hidden devices?

Seurico™ uses LED infrared physical laser scanning technology. Through the dual action of camera glass mirror refraction and a specialized filter, it scans and pinpoints hidden cameras. Its stereoscopic 3D sensor chip enhances the sensitivity to more than 90%, ensuring a comprehensive sweep.

  1. How long does Seurico™ last on a single charge?

Once fully charged, Seurico™ can standby for an impressive 720 hours. In active anti-candid mode, it functions continuously for up to 24 hours, negating the need for frequent battery replacements.

  1. Is it complicated to set up or use?

Not at all! Seurico™ is designed for ease of use. Simply plug it into your phone and sweep the room. There are no intricate setups or confusing buttons involved.

  1. Can Seurico™ detect non-visible light sources?

Yes, Seurico™ can effectively detect and capture non-visible light sources, ensuring even the most discreetly hidden devices are identified.

  1. How portable is the device?

Seurico™ boasts a pocket-sized design, making it effortlessly portable and perfect for travel. Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, it’s the ideal privacy-protecting companion.

  1. What type of hidden devices can Seurico™ detect?

The device is adept at detecting a variety of concealed cameras, including pen cameras, clock cameras, lighter cameras, and more, ensuring a comprehensive safeguard against surveillance threats.

  1. Can Seurico™ be used in any room or setting?

Absolutely. From hotel rooms and offices to Airbnb accommodations and personal homes, Seurico™ is versatile enough to be used in any environment.

  1. How do I charge Seurico™?

Seurico™ comes equipped with USB fast charge capabilities. Use any standard USB charger to quickly and conveniently power up your device.

  1. Are there any indicators or alerts when a hidden device is found?

Yes, when Seurico™ detects a hidden device, it signals the user through its interface, ensuring immediate awareness of any privacy threats.

  1. Is Seurico™ endorsed by any professionals in the security industry?

Indeed, Seurico™ has received a strong endorsement from James R. Kensington, a globally recognized security expert. He praises its accuracy, reliability, and essential role in modern privacy protection.

Package Includes: 1 x Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector

Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector
Seurico™3D Stereoscopic Sensing Hidden Devices Detector