Seven Dragon Magnetic Ball Massager


Seven Dragon Magnetic Ball Massager

This Magnetic Massager provides a relaxing, smooth and stimulating massage! It can reduce the soreness at any point of your body and also helps to loose body fat.

7 Massage Ball

Get rid of your stress and pain with this massager. It features a 7 magnetic massage ball that rotates smoothly on the skin. The beads can cling to the muscles at full range, 360 degree motion, which helps to relieve muscle and body aches.

Get Rid of Cellulite and Belly Fat

It can also help to eliminate stomach fats and improve the function of the body’s metabolism overall. Use this to massage your abdominal area to target the digestive system and muscle structure in that specific area.

Bendable Design

This ball massager is flexible, allowing you to touch any part of your body. The hand strap is evenly stressed in the center, making massage more convenient, and it can be used for both small and large hands.

Materials: TPE

1PC x Seven Dragon Magnetic Ball Massager
2PCS x Seven Dragon Magnetic Ball Massager