Sexy Fake Transparent Fleece Leggings

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Sexy Fake Transparent Fleece Leggings

Have you ever wanted to dress up sexy for important dates but too afraid of the cold weather? The Sexy Fake Transparent Fleece Leggings is the winter hot fashion trend to solve this problem! Its fake transparent design makes your legging looks exactly like a thin tights & pantyhoseSexy & charming! 

It features an inner fleece thickening. Perfectly protect & warm you up when it is freezing outdoor. Now you can wear your miniskirts, dress & short confidently during the cold weather!

The Sexy Fake Transparent Fleece Leggings allows you to show off your beautiful legs but also keeping you warm in the cold winter. Black & nude color are now available in store. Upgrade your winter style now!


  • Fake Transparent Design
    The fake transparent design makes you look extraordinary sexy and charming. It looks exactly like a normal silky pantyhose & tights. It suits best with shorts & miniskirts. Enjoy being hot and trendy while others are wearing a boring thick leggings.
  • Fleece Thickening
    The fleece thickening protect your legs and keep you warm during the cold weather. It perfectly ease your legs from freezing and increase your attractiveness.
  • Keep you in Shape
    The high waist design and good elasticity of legging help you slim. It perfectly hold your belly and keep you in shape.
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