Sheer Winter Pantyhose

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A stylish sheer pantyhose that has a warming second layer perfect for the cold season.

Having a PANTYHOSE is a MUST in every women’s closet. It never runs out of style, unless it is the weather that’s changing. That is why we are happy to offer you a PANTYHOSE that is PERFECT for the COLD SEASON! Introducing the SHEER WINTER PANTYHOSE.

Sheer Winter Pantyhose is a DOUBLE LAYERED PANTYHOSE that is FASHIONABLY PERFECT during the COLD SEASON. It is made of 56% COTTON, 36% NYLON, and 8% SPANDEX. It has a TWO LAYERS for an ULTIMATE WARMTH feeling. First Layer is the SHEER STOCKINGS that looks like a STYLISH REGULAR STOCKINGS and Second Layer is a NUDE FLEECE that is SUPER SOFT and COMFORTABLE. It is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to KEEP you FASHIONABLY WARM during the COLD SEASON.


Sheer Winter Pantyhose is also DESIGNED to TONE and SHAPE your LEGS. It has a WIDE WAIST BAND to KEEP your STOMACH FLAT. It also PREVIDES a MODERATE COMPRESSION that is PROVEN to IMPROVE the BLOOD FLOW to PREVENT the DEVELOPMENT of VARICOSE VEINS.  It is SUPER SLIM and LIGHTWEIGHT. It does not give the BULKY feeling when worn.

Sheer Winter Pantyhose is IDEAL for ALL WOMEN of ALL SIZES. It is PERFECT to MATCH with your Dresses, Skirts, Long Sweater, Boots, High Heels, and more. It can be WORN also on a Regular Day, at the Office, School, for Casual Occasions and Stylish Events. It is EASY to WASH and MAINTAIN as it is STRONG and DURABLE.

Product Included :

  • 1 x Sheer Winter Pantyhose (one size fits all)
Sheer Winter Pantyhose
Original price was: $49.98.Current price is: $24.95. Select options