SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask


 Before introducing our products, let’s take a look at our happy customers!

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

“At 53 years old, my face is full of wrinkles. No, this is not what I want to see. I want smooth skin, not wrinkles. The wrinkles on my face have become more and more obvious in recent years, and the whole thing makes me feel very anxious. I am constantly looking for various anti-wrinkle products and methods, including consulting a relevant dermatologist, looking for a variety of different anti-wrinkle products online, and I will try them all. Because I think that as long as my wrinkles disappear, the price I pay is worth it, and I am willing. But I hope it’s by natural means, not surgery. Finally I found the SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask 2 months ago, I bought a set immediately after reading its introduction, about 6 days later, I received the mask and started using it. I switched the mask to red light mode at the prompt and used it 4 times a week. After using it for 3 weeks, I noticed a noticeable reduction in the wrinkles on my face, which made me very excited and looking forward to the final effect of this mask. Finally, after 2 months, I can clearly see that the wrinkles on my face have disappeared, and the contrast is very obvious. This product is so good, I think I can keep trying other different colors.”–Aaron Deardorff

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

“At 23 years old, I still have pimples all over my face, which is very distressing to me. My youth is gone, but the acne is still there. During this period, I have also been to beauty salons for skin care, and I have also done projects such as photorejuvenation. It does have certain effects, but the cost is too expensive. It cost me $8000 in 3 months, but the acne on my face is not completely removed. I couldn’t afford the expensive treatment, so I decided to give up going to the beauty salon for treatment. I thought I’d get better by paying attention to my facial hygiene, but I’ve found that it doesn’t go away completely. It even got worse slowly, and I was about to collapse. Luckily I found the SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask, which I found to be about as effective as a salon photon rejuvenation. After 2 months of continuous use, all the pimples on my face are finally gone, I am so excited, for 4 years, the pimples have not disappeared on my face, and my skin has become smoother tender.”–Cecil Alvarenga

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

Suitable for all skin without any pain. Acne, dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles caused by skin oxidation, wrinkles caused by collagen loss, age spots caused by melanin deposition, freckles, dull and lackluster skin, all can be cured by using SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask to solve all problems quickly and effectively.

Our clinically-tested beauty devices combine science-based treatments with a spa grade luxury experience

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

VISIBLE RESULTS : More convenient and economic than get a light therapy treatment in salon. Results from 760,00 customers aged 25 to 64 shows there is 81.3% sturbborn acne alleviated and pore size reduction in 4 weeks, 35% dark spots fading away and whitening about 1 months, as well as 32% wrinkles reduction and more even skin stone about 2 months.

SHINYME customer skin test report after two weeks of use, the data show that the indicators of the face have improved significantly.

How I Treat Acne * Wrinkles * Pigmentaion* Dark Spots * Redness | Anti Aging and Keep Youth?

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Masklight therapy mask is the use of photodynamic theory , activating deep cells ,so that the skin better metabolism,stimulate collagen production.7 Colors in One led therapy mask,each color has its effect, it can meet your various beauty needs, help skin rejuvenation.Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask – with Clinically Proven Blue & Red Light Treatment Acne Photon Mask.

LED LIGHT THERAPY FOR FACE : Led face mask light therapy disperses 7 wavelengths with unique benefits to alleviate acne,reduce inflammation redness and rosacea, minimize dark spots and sunspot,lighten pigmentation,smooth wrinkles &fine lines and even more.

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

NATURAL LIGHT THERAPY MASKSHINYME led light therapy for face with more 7 benefits than the 3 lights normal one. Red light therapy for face wrinkles and collagen synthesis. Blue light for acne inflammation and skin tightening.Green light for pigmentation and complexion brighten.Light blue light for skin tension.Yellow light for redness. Purple light for skin rejuvenation.And cyan light for skin whitening.

Let’s take a look at more of our happy customers.

“Very effective mask. I have used it for 25 days and all the wrinkles on my face have disappeared. I use it together with retinol, it can also promote the absorption of various essences in the skin, and I can clearly feel the change. The skin tightens little by little and I use red, violet and green light for 15 minutes each every other day. It’s very comfortable to use, I use it in bed and it’s a great relaxation every time. This natural and painless way to get rid of wrinkles is amazing, I don’t have to go to the salon for botox injections or face lift surgery, and it restores my skin very well. For only $149.95 for a face mask, I think it’s worth it. At the same time, their service is very good, give them a thumbs up, they gave me detailed usage methods.”–Larry Winslow

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

“It really works, it really works, it really works. . . . I am so excited! I had freckles all over my face since I was a child, which made me laugh at other children since I was a child, and I felt very inferior. I never thought I could look this good, it’s amazing. I can walk on the street with confidence now, and I can feel that there is no strange vision anymore. Thank you so much for SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask. It changed my life, and it was such a small price, only $149.95! I’ve been to the hospital and the doctor’s advice is to stop thinking about removing these freckles, because there are too many and it will seriously damage the whole mask and pay for a very expensive treatment. I’m about to cry, it’s so good that I don’t have freckles on my face!”–Lisa Holloway

“SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask really works! I have only been using it for 3 months, the wrinkles and dark spots on my face have disappeared, and the skin has become more white and tender. It’s amazing, I’ve never seen a product like this before. For wrinkles and dark spots on my face, I once wanted to go to a beauty salon or hospital for surgery, but the expensive bill given by the doctor made me stop this action. Not only is this mask very effective, it’s not as expensive as a beauty salon. I only paid $149.95 once and can use it anytime at home, it’s so convenient, I can use it on the couch, bed, and even a chair. It’s definitely the most cost-effective product I’ve ever seen, bar none. All women should have a SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask of their own.”–Becky Crowley

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

“In just 2 months, the pimples on my face are completely gone. My friends were stunned for the change in me. The SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask is so effective, I put it on violet mode and use it 4 times a week. My skin is very sensitive, and many of the pimples are already pustular, and many skin care products cannot be used, and there will be a tingling feeling. But this mask doesn’t, it’s very comfortable to use, I use it in bed every time, it makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Now I can use all kinds of cosmetics to dress up as I want, and I don’t feel inferior anymore when I go out. Hope everyone with acne-prone face can have SHINYME LED Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face Mask as soon as possible.”–Michael Kranz


COMFORT & SAFETY: Lightweight 0.66 lbs, led facial mask with pads keep it comfortable off face from light and blurry vision.150pcs narrow non-heating producing purity led lights. Plug-in blue acne light therapy mask fits for all face. Perfect for all skins types especial for T-zone oil skin and acne scar therapy.

NEWEST DESIGN:Our mask includes the neck and face, and 192 light beads are truly fully covered. Before use, clean your face with toner and serum and wait for it to dry; After use, you can apply moisturizer and use retinol. Use 3-5 times a week, preferably 15 minutes each time.

PORTABLE:Compared with other facial beauty products, this mask is very convenient. You can use it anywhere. It is very suitable as a gift for mothers, daughters, girls and female friends on Christmas, Valentine’s Day and weddings.

REST ASSURED SHOPPING: LED Light masks are very durable and reusable. Applicable to all skin without side effects. The simple and convenient use method allows you to enjoy beauty without any concern.

FACIAL LIGHT THERAPY SKIN CARE: Preset therapy color per skin,duration and light intensity 1-5 levels with controller,or set auto mode to enable combination of 7 different lights per 2 seconds intervals within max duration 60 minutes . Flash mode for sensitive skin.Lay down 10-20 minutes of use 3-5x/week for long lasting in the comfort and privacy of your home.

SHINYME™ Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask


1. Try to avoid the light source part of the mask to avoid staring at the light source for a long time. If you feel the light is too strong, you can use an eye mask to cover your eyes.

2. The mask cannot be scrubbed with chemical reagents or it will corrode the mask. There is no need to soak in water, and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth when cleaning.

3. Using the mask for a long time, it is normal for the controller to slightly heat up. It is recommended that you use it for no more than 15 minutes each time. Every 15 minutes, let the mask stop for 15 minutes to allow the mask to dissipate heat; at the same time, your skin can absorb it better.

4.The surface has a safety protection mechanism. It will automatically close after completing a course of treatment. It is not that the machine is damaged!

Description of details

Product Type LED Therapy Mask
Plug type US plug
Voltage 60Hz / 50Hz, 110v-220v
Output voltage DC12V, 1000mA
Output power 12w
Lamp beads 192
Including Face Mask,Charging Cable
Suitable age over 14 years old
Suitable for skin All Skin Types
Color Blue, Cyan, White, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow

Package Includes: 1x SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask

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SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask
SHINYME Lightweight Wireless 7 Colors LED Therapy Mask
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