Silicone Beer Can Cover

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Silicone Beer Can Cover

Sneaky Drink A Beer Anywhere


Sometimes, you might find yourself wanting to enjoy beer from a can, but you don’t want anyone to see you drinking it. Keep your alcoholism on the down-low by disguising your brew with the Silicone Beer Can Cover. With this silicone cover, creatively conceal your beer from prying eyes. 

There’s no need to steal sips from a flask while ducking under the table or hiding behind a corner, enjoy your beer without having to worry. Cleverly disguised as soda sleeves, your beer won’t draw any unwanted attention your way. Whether you’re tailgating, fishing, or simply looking to enjoy a cold beer at any outdoor event without causing a hassle. 

Our Silicone Beer Can Cover makes the perfect hiding place for your beer. The beer sleeve completely covers the entire aluminum can, making your beer look exactly like a can of cola. Made of durable and flexible silicone, they can fit your pocket and put onto your can easily.  



  • Hide Your Beer:
    Disguise your beer as if it were just an innocent soda can.

  • Temperature-Remaining:
    Made of Silicone material that is a good heat insulator to remain the temperature of a beer can for several hours.

  • Looks Exactly as Original:
    The Beer Can Sleeve fits nearly all standard 12 fl oz (355ml )beverage cans

  • Easy To Use:
    Simply slide the sleeve onto the can, and remove it by pulling it out gently.

  • Safe & Anti-Cut:
    Made of high-class material that is soft and elastic. No need worrying about cutting or hurting your hands.

  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly:
    Made of food-grade silicone, FDA approval material guarantees that you enjoy safe and healthy drinking. Non-toxic and harmless.



  • Size: Fits 355ml Can
  • Style: Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew
  • Material: Silicone

Package includes:

  • 1 x Silicone Beer Can Cover
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