Silicone Bottle Wall Vase

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Upgrade your interior décor with this fascinating SILICONE BOTTLE WALL VASE as a new refreshment to your eyesight when you’re at home, at the office, or any place you want to convert as a fresh area.

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase is a CREATIVE VASE that is made of NANOSCALE POLYMER MATERIALS which are RESISTANT to TEAR and HIGH TEMPERATURE.

PROVIDED by the NANOTECHNOLOGY and ADOPTION of NEW HIGH POLYMER, the back of the vase produces a COUNTLESS SMALL SUCTION CUPS that can ABSORB the SMOOTH SURFACE which means that this vase DOES NOT REQIURE nails, glue, adhesive tapes etc.

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase is SMALL and PORTABLE, so it won’t take up too much space yet make a big difference to you interior décor. It won’t DAMAGE your walls and won’t LEAVE glue or adhesive marks, It is REUSABLE. It is NON-TOXIC as it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

Silicone BottleWall Vase is EASY to USE. Just pick a perfect area where you want to highlight and decorate, then simply paste the SILICONE VASE on the area and fill in the bottle with water and put your favorite plant or flower to top it off.

  • Vase volume is small and portable, do not suffer dimensional limitation.
  • Nanoscale polymer material, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Reusable, absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use, the paste can be used.


No damage to the wall, no glue mark, no need to nail
Beautify your home life and make it more fun.


Material: Nano-level polymer material.
Weight: 85g/ 1 Pcs.
Color: Blue.


Silicone BottleWall Vase x 1 / 2 PC(s)

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase
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