Silicone Hamburger Holder


Silicone Hamburger Holder
Silicone Hamburger Holder

Enjoy a juicy burger, a packed bagel, a sugary doughnut (and more!) mess-free with the handy burger holder.

Our Silicone Hamburger Holder expands for extra patties and more fillings, the elastic gussets of the burger holder firmly hold the burger and the fillings together.

Not only for burger use but also suitable for bagels, doughnuts, pies and so much more! Enjoy your delicious food without foil aluminum rolls or dozens of disposable food trays going to waste.

Material: Silicone

Weight: 60g

Size: 10x4x6

Color: Orange, Pink, Grey, Blue

Package Included: 1 x Silicone Hamburger Holder

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