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Patient aged 30 with scoliosis curve measured 44° in the thoracic spine and 43° in the lumbar spine reduced to 35° and 15° in 8 months.

A combination of full time bracing using the Wonder LacyTop Bra and a daily home rehabilitation program using the Mirror Image exercises was recommended.It was recommended to use the Wonder LacyTop Bra for 23 hours per day and to do the exercise once per day for 20 minutes.

This treatment regime was recommended for a minimum 24 months as the patient was immature and had substantial growth remaining.

At the 8 month mark an out-of-brace x-ray was taken at an independent radiology clinic, with the patient standing in her relaxed normal posture. This showed a significant improvement in the scoliosis curves.  The lumbar curve was corrected by a staggering 28 degrees! The thoracic spine curve was corrected by 9°.The patient has continued with compliant treatment, and postural photographs at the 12 and 18 month mark show stability of the result. She is continuing with treatment.


IMPROVES POSTURE: Wide straps help to take the weight off your shoulders! With the right bra fit and support, you will notice your back pains and posture improve gradually over time.
SIDE BUCKLE DESIGN: Three layer side buckle eyes strap, so you can freely adjust to your perfect size.
LIFTS & SUPPORTS: Made with super elastic and breathable material to allow for effective lifting assistance without compromising comfort. It DOES NOT have an underwire which makes it extra comfortable.
ANTI SAGGING: The cross design prevents any sagging of your bust. It also lifts and supports your bust to maximum comfort.

ADJUSTABLE: This bra features adjustable crisscross lace strap design that cradles your bust for an instant lift with pure comfort!
Package Includes:
1 x Front Cross Wireless Bra (Black/White/Beige)
1 x Front Cross Wireless Bra All Color Package
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Silke Wrap Bra
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