Smart Back Posture Corrector


Smart Back Posture Corrector 

Smart Back Posture Corrector

“I work at a desk job as an animator for a big gaming company. My desk is too low for my eye level which really forced me to hunch down. All that hunching made my back and neck hurt. Luckily, the Smart Back Posture Corrector really helped me correct my posture. It’s super easy to use and the app really worked well with tracking my progress!” -Sandro, 34, New Hampshire

“I have a desk job and my cubicle is really cramped. Most of the time, I have to really crouch just to look at my screen. All of those hours crunching numbers and making sure I don’t miss any details made my back and neck really hurt. It really messed up my posture and how I look in photos as well as how I presented myself to others. Luckily, I’m a very techy person and the Smart Back Posture Corrector really helped my back straight up. Because of this gadget, I was able to get rid of my neck, back, and shoulder pain!”

Posture: Your Stance in the World

Smart Back Posture Corrector

You have probably heard your older in-laws say things like “don’t slouch”, “keep your back straight” or “stop slouching”. They would probably put a knee on your upper back and roll your shoulders back to correct your posture.

The rise of mobile phones and technology, has made us look down more, which decreased the quality of our posture. Maintaining a proper posture has many benefits such as:

  • Boost confidence– Having a straight posture is a non-verbal sign of confidence. Having a straight posture exudes confidence, which is beneficial for public speaking, sealing deals, and even just speaking to other people like friends, bosses, teachers, and other authority figures
  • More Energy- Having a correct posture decreases fatigue. It keeps you energized at work and helps you remain focused on whatever task you need to do.
  • Easier Breathing- Maintaining a proper posture reduces pressure on the lung which increases lung capacity, resulting in higher blood oxygen levels.
  • Less Frequent Headaches- Bad posture creates tension on the back, neck, and shoulders, resulting in headaches. Having a proper posture decreases the throbbing on the forehead.
  • Reduce Risk for Injury– The most common cause of injury is due to bad posture. Maintaining a good posture decreases back pain, fatigue, and leg cramps.

What is the correct posture? 

If you’re sitting, you have to make sure that:

  • Your shoulder is against the backrest (if your chair has a backrest)
  • Your back is fat against a chair
  • Your seat has a cushion or a small pillow if your chair doesn’t have any cushion. This is to ease the pain in your coccyx (tailbone).
  • Ensure your screen is at eye level, and use laptop/phone stands or even books to prop up your device.
  • Your knees are the same height as your hips
  • Your feet are flat on the floor

Smart Back Posture Corrector

When standing or walking, make sure that:

  • Your abdomen is pulled in
  • Roll your shoulder back
  • Don’t lock your knees
  • Wear comfortable and supportive footwear
  • Your hands are by your sides

Smart Back Posture Corrector: The Future of Health

The Smart Back Posture Corrector targets young and tech-savvy customers. The Smart Back Posture Corrector is also easy to use and extremely safe, so anyone can have their postures corrected. The Smart Back Posture Corrector

Smart Back Posture Corrector

  • Auto-calibrates recognize postures and adapt to optimal training.
  • Contains built-in sensors that detect movement corresponding to slouching; it sends a gentle vibration that reminds the user to improve their posture.
  • Contains a long-lasting battery that provides the user with up to 6 days of training. 
  • Contains a splash-proof coating that is resistant to sweat, light rain, water, and splashes.
  • Boasts a small and compact size that can fit perfectly within the palm of your hand and can be stored anywhere, even in your pocket!
  • It can be customized; you are free to adjust the vibration intensity and type to your comfort and liking. 
  • Additionally, to be customizable, you can also customize your training intensity and duration according to your liking.


Color: Red, Blue

Charger Included: YES

Charger Type: USB

Smart Back Posture Corrector

Package Includes

1 x Smart Back Posture Corrector

How to Use

  • Charge the product
  • To place the Smart Back Posture Corrector
    • Use the Upright Necklace and wear it with the sensor placed on your back or;
    • Remove the adhesive protective film and stick it on your back, between your shoulder blades.
  • Download the Upright Mobile App
  • Customize your training intensity, vibration intensity, etc. to your comfort.
  • Wear the  Smart Back Posture Corrector for 3 hours per day.
  • Remove the  Smart Back Posture Corrector after use.

Smart Back Posture Corrector


Smart Back Posture Corrector
Smart Back Posture Corrector
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