🎅CHRISTMAS SALE 70% OFF – Smart Fish Bite Alarm


🎣Don’t miss the fish bite: When a fish is hooked, the smart fish bite alarm will sound after 1 second and give a light reminder.


Long hours of outdoor fishing can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration, which can result in missing the best time to reel in your line!


The designer has many years of fishing experience, and he knows what kind of products anglers need to help them find other pleasures when fishing for a long time.


The smart fish bite alarm has a built-in LED smart light that automatically increases the brightness of the alarm light several times at night!

Compatible with all fishing rods on the market, easy to install and remove at any time!

  1. Clip the alarm on the fishing rod
  2. Wrap fishing line around trigger
  3. Turn on the switch
  4. Start fishing!

Smart Fish Bite Alarm
🎅CHRISTMAS SALE 70% OFF – Smart Fish Bite Alarm
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