Smart Hula Hoop – Adjustable Link 52″

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Smart Hula Hoop – Adjustable Link 52″

Melt Fat Off Your Body Like Butter!

Are you tired of trying countless workouts but not seeing the results you want? Do you want a slimmer waist for the summer days at the beach?

What if I told you that you can drop inches off your waist with ease. All while watching TV.

Yes, you heard me right. It’s as simple as moving those hips left and right while watching TV. By using our Smart Hula Hoop for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Lose up to 5 inches in just 3 weeks. 

In just weeks you can achieve the dream body you always desired. The slender hourglass figure. The smooth toned stomach. In just weeks you will be able to wear all the clothes you put aside years ago. The pants that are currently too tight will be loose in just a matter of weeks. Truly a game-changer that makes working out enjoyable while giving you the results to make you look absolutely stunning.

Who Said Working Out Had To Be Complicated & Tedious?

Our Smart Hula Hoop guarantees a simple yet effective workout for your entire body. Works your hips, stomach, and glutes all at once. It burns twice as many calories as a traditional hula hoop. And the best thing is all while having fun.

Say goodbye to long tedious workouts. Get a fun yet challenging workout anywhere and at any time.

How Does It Work?

Our smart hula hoop comes with 24 knots. Every knot is around 2 inches long. And they are adjustable to any body size. To use the smart hula hoop simply tighten your core and swing in a motion from left to right. When your waist has reduced enough in size, you can subtract a knot to make the smart hula hoop fit tightly once again.


1. Will this fit my waist?

Our Smart Hula Hoop fits all waist under 130cm or 52in.

2. Is the Smart Hula Hoop adjustable?

Yes, the Smart Hula Hoop consists of 24 links. Each link is roughly 2 inches long and is detachable.

3. What part of the body does it work?

It works your glutes, stomach, hips, and arms. Essentially your entire body. Our smart hula hoop is designed to help you achieve a sexy slender hourglass figure.

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Smart Hula Hoop – Adjustable Link 52″
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