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Traditional watch design that demands attention with a distinctive face, premium stainless steel materials and genuine leather or silicone watch bands; and with the always-on watchface, it always maintains the look of a true watch.

Intuitive dial design and rotating bezel unique to make it simple to navigate to what you need in an instant.

Navigate through notifications, apps and widgets quickly and without covering the display.


Enhanced LTE connectivity makes it easier than ever to stay connected right from Radiance A3.

Leave your phone in your gym bag or at home and still get texts, calls and more.

Call hands-free thanks to built-in speaker and mic.


Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Get texts, calls and more when your Radiance A3 is in Bluetooth range.

Setting up is as easy as using it. Open the Radiance A3 app on your smartphone to pair your Radiance A3 and you’re ready to go. The Radiance A3 also works with a wide range of smartphones.


Onboard GPS tracks your path directly on Radiance A3 instead of relaying it from your phone.

Added Altimeter/Barometer and Speedometer can track even more: distance, speed and even sudden weather changes.

Easily share your location with your friends.

Track your step count, calories burned, floors climbed, sleep quality and more right from your wrist.

Keep a pulse on your activity with continuous heart rate tracking. Motivate your friends by sharing workout results, competing for steps and checking leaderboards.


IP68 certification keeps you protected from water and dust. Rugged, military-grade construction stands up to any condition.

Don’t let water hold you back. Radiance A3 is water-resistant up to 80 meters, so jump in the pool, run in the rain, and hop in the shower without taking it off.


It’s truly liberating to have a battery that lasts long enough for you to go on a trip without a charger.

Power through your day. wireless charging cradle makes it easy when it’s time to recharge.

Keep going — add Low Power Mode when your battery is down to 15 percent or Watch-Only Mode when you go down to 5 percent.


Getting your news fix through your smartwatch sounds gimmicky. But the Radiance A3 Flipboard app makes catching up on the world during your down time surprisingly convenient.


It includes all of the basic fitness tracking features, such as heart monitoring, step tracking, and even an easy, one-touch way to track how many glasses of water or cups of coffee you drink through the day.


Squishing a genuinely entertaining game to the size of a watch screen is clearly difficult. The proof is in the sheer volume of games that aren’t worth playing for more than a minute or two in the app store.


One of the best ways to experience that is by tapping your wrist and having a car appear in minutes, ready to take you to wherever you want to go. For people who already have the Uber ride-sharing app on their phone, it’s not groundbreaking.


Spotify is the most popular way to listen to music, users can jam out when their watch is connected via WiFi or LTE. The app also allows you to scroll through tracks, check out your playlists, and browse charts right on your wrist.

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