Smoker Grill Tube

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Smoker Grill Tube
Add a hint of smoked aroma to your grill with this handy mini smoker grill tube! 
  • Turn Any Grill Into A Smoker!¬†This mini smoker tube will add a hint of smoked aroma to your food¬†simply by placing it in the grill¬†alongside your desired food!

  • Dense Smoke For A Magnificent Aroma!¬†The¬†dense honeycomb¬†design enables the smoker tube to release the maximum amount of smoke and endow your food with an¬†effortlessly spectacular smokey flavor! Simply add wood pallets or chips inside the tube!

  • Long Lasting Smoke Release!¬†Once added in the wood chips, the smoker tube can release dense, aromatic smoke for¬†up to 4 hours!

  • Durable Rust-proof Heat Resisting Materials!¬†Our smoker tube is built with¬†durable 304 stainless steel¬†to provide you with a¬†lasting rust-free and heat resisting¬†smoking gadget!

  • Perfect For All Food!¬†This smoker grill tube is perfect for¬†vegetables, cheese, nuts, and all kinds of meat!¬†


  • Materials: Premium 304 Stainless Steel
  • Shapes: Hexagonal Cylinder
  • Sizes: 6″, 12″


  • Smoker Grill TubeOnly
    • 1*¬†Smoker Grill Tube
  • Smoker Grill Tube Set
    • 1* Smoker GrillTube
    • 1* Cleaning Brush
    • 2* Tube Hooks
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