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A product that will help you driving experience a cool and odor free!

Even how much strong your car’s air condition is, if the heat of the sun is stronger, we can’t control the heat while driving. Good thing we have the SOLAR CAR EXHAUST COOLER!

SOALR CAR EXHAUST COOLER is a SOLAR POWERED exhaust fan that is MOUNTED on the WINDOW without the NEED of plug-in mounting line which makes your car SAFE and DAMAGE FREE.

The solar panels are HIGHLY EFFICIENT HEAT DISSIPATION providing your car a COOLER AIR CIRCULATION making your car no longer hot. It can also ELIMINATE TOXIC GASES in HIGH-TEMPERATURE CARS.

  • 🏆Car Cooling Down Fan Practical Solar Powered Mini Air Conditioner Car Cooler Fan Solar Powered Double Duct and Double motor Car Window Air Vent Ventilator, Quiet Strong Mini Air Conditioner Cool Fan, Effectively Blow Out Hot Air, Smoke, Odors.
  • 🏆Help to eliminate pet and tobacco odors Double duct and double motor design improve the exhaust speedeffectively.
  • 🏆 Solar and battery switch control, can control the solar battery usedseparately.

  • 🏆Temperature display, the temperature change inside the car can be observeddirectly Outer solar panel, multi-angle adjustable, can effectively absorb sunlight.
  • 🏆Sustainable use in the rainy day Simple installation and strong practicability.

SOLAR CAR EXHAUST COOLER shows that the TEMPERATURE CHANGES inside the car and can be OBSERVED DIRECTLY through the solar panels. It is MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE and can EFFECTIVELY absorb sunlight.

When the TEMPERATURE inside the car is not high, the air conditioning effect will automatically take effect after each driving making your car to COOL DOWN and SAVE FUEL.

SolarCar Exhaust Cooler can produce FRESH AIR by heat. It has a DUAL MOTOR DESIGN. It has IMPROVED exhaust SPEED efficiently. SOLAR and BATTERY operated makes it ECO-FRIENDLY and ENERGY SAVING product.
Color: White,Black
Size: 16 x 10.5 cm.
Voltage: 3.7 v.
Material: ABS.
Package Include:
1 x  SolarCar Exhaust Cooler
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