Something from Nothing – Hairline Clay Powder Cream


Something from Nothing – Hairline Clay Powder Cream

Ideal for filling in your hairline

We are committed to bringing you the perfect hairline restoration solution to restore your confidence and show off your stunning hairstyle.

If you have a thinning hairline or a noticeable lack of volume, our Hairline Mud is ideal for you. It fills in the gaps in your hairline, giving you a natural and fuller look.

【Fill in naturally without being abrupt】

✨Our Hairline Mud is formulated with proprietary technology whose color and texture blend naturally with your real hair, avoiding the problem of a repaired hairline looking artificial or unnatural. By using our Hairline Mud, you will have a naturally flowing hairline for a perfect hairstyle look. Don’t fret about a thinning hairline, let our hairline clay help you achieve your ideal hairstyle.

【Simulated Plush Feeling】

✨We pay attention to detail and strive to create a simulated plush feel. The soft and delicate texture of the hairline clay resembles real hair, making it hard to tell the difference. Whether up close or from a distance, your hairline will appear perfectly plush, giving the overall hairstyle a more natural look. Now you can confidently show off a full, thick hairline and let others marvel at your perfect look.

【Waterproof and scuff-resistant for long-lasting hold】

✨Our Hairline Mud has excellent waterproof performance, which makes it long-lasting even in wet conditions or when it encounters light rubbing. You don’t have to worry about it fading or peeling off, so your hairstyle is always in perfect condition, both in daily life and special occasions. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sweaty workout, your hairline will remain perfect, allowing you to always stay confident and attractive.

【Multi-functional application, convenient and practical】

✨Not only can you repair your hairline, our hairline clay can also be used for a variety of makeup functions such as drawing eyebrows and eyeliner. The fine hairline clay allows you to easily create perfect eyebrows and eyeliner, saving time and space and eliminating the need to carry multiple beauty products. Whether it’s for daily makeup or special occasions, Hairline Clay is your right-hand man for a more refined look.


✅Step 1 【Twist and Turn】Select the large brush head at the bottom and dab an appropriate amount of product on the mud by turning it left and right in a circular motion.
✅Step 2 【Dabbing】 Apply the clay to the desired filler position by rubbing left and right.
✅Step 3 【Fill-up】 Select the small brush head at the top, dip the appropriate amount of product and fill in the small areas such as hair crevices.

Product Properties

Product Name; Hairline Mud from Nothing
Material; Exclusive technological formula
Shelf life; 3 years
Color; Natural Black, Warm Brown, Cool Brown, Berry Red, Reddish Brown

Something from Nothing - Hairline Clay Powder Cream
Something from Nothing – Hairline Clay Powder Cream
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