SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray


SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray
SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

Our satisfied customers shared how they found oral relief with our SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray.

 SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

Cory Auer

“The SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray amazingly works! I’ve had a canker sore on my inside lip for about a week and they are so painful! It feels like you have strep throat! I wasn’t doing anything for it, just hoping it would go away but it just got bigger and so red around my tonsil. I ordered this, immediately used the spray when it arrived and felt instant relief. This stuff is amazing! I used it once last night and woke up this morning and the redness is going away and the canker sore also has gone down. So happy I found this!”

Dr. Lita Rodriguez, a board-certified dentist, recommends natural remedies for canker sores 

“Canker sores typically don’t require medical treatment. They are generally harmless and not contagious, but can be a bit painful. I recommend rinsing with a saltwater solution, applying raw honey, aloe vera gel, or a baking soda paste, using coconut oil as a mouthwash, or trying chamomile tea as a rinse. But if you don’t have any of those available, using an antibacterial herbal spray can be a quick solution.

Canker sores usually last a week or two. But if this type of oral ulcer persists or worsens, it would be best to have it checked.”

Why SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

 SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

Say goodbye to the discomfort of canker sores and oral ulcers with the SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray! Our natural spray forms a protective layer over the affected area, helping alleviate pain and irritation instantly.

The herbal formula is not just for canker sores; it’s your go-to solution for sore throats, toothaches, mouth ulcers, and even swollen and aching gums. It’s a versatile oral care product that caters to all your needs.

Infused with natural antibacterial ingredients like honeysuckle and propolis, our Canker Sores Spray offers an effective remedy for mouth ulcers and inflammation. It also wards off harmful bacteria in the mouth and boosts your oral resistance.

SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

Plus, the SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray leaves a gentle, cooling sensation with every spray, providing a comforting cold compress effect that relieves pain and discomfort.

The best part? You can use our product everyday to freshen breath and maintain optimal oral health, keeping your mouth fresh and sore-free on the daily.


The Key Ingredients of SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

  • Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is known for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its natural antimicrobial and astringent properties can help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and soothe inflammation associated with canker sores and other oral ulcers.

SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

  • Propolis

Propolis is rich in antioxidants and has strong antibacterial properties. It can aid in healing oral wounds, reduce pain and inflammation, soothe sore throat, and promote overall oral health. It also contains antiseptic qualities that help prevent plaque formation, kills bacteria, and soothes gingivitis and other gum problems.

  • Ophiopogon

Ophiopogon is used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. This amazing ingredient can help reduce inflammation in the oral cavity.

SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

  • Licorice

Licorice contains compounds that can help relieve pain and inflammation associated with canker sores. It also has antimicrobial properties that reduces bacterial growth associated with tooth decay gum diseases, making it an excellent contributor to overall oral health.

  • Borneol

Borneol is known for its analgesic and cooling effects. It can provide relief from the pain and discomfort caused by mouth ulcers and canker sores.

SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

  • Fat Sea (Fatsia japonica)

Fat Sea contains compounds with potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It can soothe oral discomfort and contribute to a more comfortable oral environment.

Signature Product Benefits:

  • Forms a protective layer to the wound of canker sore and other oral ulcers and inflammation, speeding up the healing process
  • Relieves sore throat, toothaches, mouth ulcers, swollen and aching gums, etc.
  • Leaves a mild, slightly cool feeling that helps numb oral pain
  • Provides daily mouth cleaning
  • Freshens breath

Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 20ml
  • Core ingredients: Honeysuckle, Propolis, Aloe Vera, Ophiopogon, Licorice, Borneol, Fat Sea

Package Includes: 1 x SOUTH MOON™ Canker Sores Spray

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