Sparkly Crystal Button Resin Kit

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Sparkly Crystal Button Resin Kit


Sparkly Crystal Button Resin Kit

Easily Customize Buttons With SparklyCrystal Button Resin Kit!

Embellish Clothes With Stunning Buttons!

With SparklyCrystal Button Resin Kit, you can create a set of stunning buttons crafted by yourself. Make your own designed buttons using this kit!

SparklyCrystal Button Resin Kit

Each kit comes with a button shape mold, different flower pedal design & variety of coloring. You can customize with dried petals, glitter & decorations!

Simply Pour & Demold!

The step for using this kit is extremely easy! Simply pour the resin in the mold, design & wait it dry for demold.

DIY Personalized Buttons Of Your Choice With SparklyCrystal Button Resin Kit!

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Material: Silicone, Epoxy color concentrate, Dried flowers petals

Net Weight: 0.17kg

Package Inclusions: 1 Set SparklyCrystal Button Resin Kit (1 Mold, 1 Box Flower Pedal and 10 Bottle of Resin)

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