Spin-n-curl Hair Dryer Diffuser

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Spin-n-curl Hair Dryer Diffuser


Create FULL, BOUNCY curls in a second with Spin-n-curl Hair Dryer Diffuser!

Simply attach this diffuser to transform any hair dryer to wind driven, perm-free hair curlers – It spins hair like a tornado to dry & curl hair AT THE SAME TIME! You can get different curly styles by spinning different directions.

Unlike curling irons damaging your hair, this diffuser helps you maintain healthy hair, protect its natural shine and reduces split ends.


  • Instant Hair Curler
    Create Romantic, Full & Bouncy Curls in seconds! Applies wind-driven curling way to ensure the hair curls in a natural but not old-fashioned look.

  • Hair Drying & Curling
    Spins hair strands like a tornado to dry & curl hair at the same time. Effectively saves up to 75% in drying and styling time.

  • Works with Any Hair Dryer
    Built with elastic silicone nozzle to fit with different dimensions of most hair dryers.
  • Damage-free
    No more curling iron is required for curling! Evenly diffuse the heat and air from the dryer to protect your hair from damage of concentrated heat.

  • Portable Design
    Lightweight & detachable. Able to detach and carry for travel.


  1. Wash hair, partially dry and apply a thermal spray.
  2. Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer.
  3. Put sections of hair into the wind spin diffuser, turn on your hair dryer with low to moderate heat.
  4. Move Diffuser up and down on hair section for ~15 seconds.
  5. Repeat step 4 for remaining hair strands you want to curl.