Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts

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Have a stylish, worry-free fitting for all of your outdoor activities with this women’s athletic workout skorts! 

Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts

A specially designed athleisure clothing that combines the ease and cuteness of a skirt with the built-in comfort of a short underneath. Comes with convenient thigh inner pockets for securing your necessities like phone, cards, cash or keys. Providing you with ultimate support and coverage that enables you to freely move around while ensuring your belongings’ safety.

– Sports-friendly fabric optimizes workout performance –

This athletic women’s skort adopts a UV-cut fabric that protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations and sun rays. It even has excellent breathability and moisture-wicking qualities to keep you fresh, cool, and dry all day even after your activity. Also offers an impressive stretchiness that flexes naturally to your movements to avoid any restriction or uncomfortable compression. Moreover, the fine skort has a widened waistband so you can work without it awkwardly riding up or rolling down. Suitable for tennis, jogging, running, golf, volleyball, cheerleading, dancing, racing, yoga, athletics, workouts, and other active outdoor activities.

– Perfect body shaping, chic workout look helps you keep motivation –

It has nice tummy control and figure flattering style highlights the couture of your body shape without feeling suffocating. Making it a fashionable and comfortable sportswear, workout wear, play wear, or everyday casual wear for various occasions.

Still struggling to find an activewear that’s comfortable to move around in? Try this women’s athletic workout skorts!


  • 2-in-1 Design
    A stylish mix of a comfortable sporty short that’s covered with a stunning appearance of a flexible skirt. Providing you with extra coverage and superior support so you can have more ‘freedom’ as you do various activities like sports, workouts, and so on. This fine skort offers an incredible flexibility performance that perfectly flexes as you move. It helps you enhance your range of motion without causing restrictions and discomfort even as you bend, stretch, and other excessive movements.

Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts

  • UV Cut Technology Fabric
    Adopts UV-cut, high-tech fiber which boasts excellent protective qualities. It successfully blocks the skin against harmful ultraviolet radiations and sun rays especially while you’re out in court. Preventing unwanted nasty sunburns, early skin aging, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and other skin damages due to over sun exposure. Great for tennis, jogging, running, golf, volleyball, cheerleading, dancing, racing, yoga, athletics, workouts, outdoor activities, and more possibilities.

  • Inner Side Pockets
    Equips 2 hidden inner side pockets that are spacious enough to fit in various essentials. Suitable for holding smartphones, credit cards, cash, keys, handkerchief, tissue, and so on. No worries as the pockets are deep to secure your items inside from falling off even as you jump and move excessively.

Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts

  • Comfortable Wearing
    Made with breathable, skin-friendly compression-fitting polyester fabric that snugs ideally to the curves of the body. It comes with a wide elastic band that allows the skort to stay totally in place even as you do sports or exercise to prevent awkward roll downs. This athletic skort provides a tummy control which enables you to jump, play, or run with maximum comfort and ease while it contours your shape more. It has a buttery-like softness and an exceptional moisture-wicking that quickly draws sweat and moisture away from the skin. Allowing you to keep fresh, cool, and dry all throughout the day even after an intense workout or non-stop sports play.
  • Fashionable Active Fit
    Has the perfect combination of athletic and style that would make a great everyday casual wear. It offers a figure flattering design that could fashionably suit all body size and shape as it highlights your hip curves, buttocks, and waist. This skort is completely wrinkle-resistant so you can confidently strut it outside without worrying about unwanted fabric creases. Furthermore, it can attractively match with tank tops, t-shirts, polo tops, or crop tops and be used for all seasons on different occasions.


  • Material:  Compression-fitting polyester fabric
  • Color: Black / Grey / Navy / Khaki / Green / Wine / Red / Purple / Pink / Orange / White
  • Size: S-3XL (Please refer to the size chart below)

Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts


  • 1 x Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts
Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts
Sportair™ Workout Pocket Skorts
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