Stainless steel smart garbage compactor

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  • Odor Control-The integrated odor filter compartment in the lid contains a replaceable carbon filter.

  • Hygienic and free of debris-when pressed, only the inside of the trash bag will touch the trash, keep your hands clean, and keep the trash can tidy.

  • Will not damage your garbage bag-the tear-resistant design will not stretch or squeeze the garbage bag and is compatible with standard plastic bags.

  • Rugged and durable-the pedals and compaction system have been tested 100,000 times to ensure they can withstand many years of service life.

Size: 8 gallons / 30 liters | Color: stainless steel

Not an ordinary trash can. It has a patented sanitary compaction system that can reduce the amount of waste by 66% after compaction. Because it compacts your waste, it does not need to be emptied frequently, which in turn reduces the number of liners you use and the frequency of waste removal.

Equipped with a replaceable carbon odor filter, which can eliminate any unpleasant odors, and has a stainless steel coating that prevents fingerprints.

The unique design ensures only the inside of the plastic bag touches the trash while compacting, leaving you with clean hands and a clean bin.

Its compaction system and foot pedal have been tested over 100,000 times and are engineered to withstand many years of service. We’re so confident in enduring quality that we guarantee it for 10 years against manufacturing defects.

Anti-tear design that won’t stretch or pinch the trash bag. We carry extra-strong, IW4 custom-fit liners for added peace of mind. It’s also compatible with standard plastic trash bags. A handy lid-stay feature ensures liner changes are quick and hassle-free, and it also includes a handle on the reverse to make moving easy.

Dimensions of unit with lid closed (inches): 15.6 L x 13.4 W x 27 H

Box Contains
(1) Trash compactor, (2) IW4 General waste liners, (3) Odor filter, (4) Instruction booklet

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Stainless steel smart garbage compactor