Stainless Steel Vertical Chicken Roaster Rack

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Crispier, juicier roast chicken with a 360 degree full angle roast! 
This vertical chicken roaster rack let you grill your chicken in the most even way for a more thorough and tasty roasted feast in every angle! 
Grill your chicken with a crispier outside, and juicier meat using this vertical rack! This roaster works amazing for both ovens and BBQ grills! Stainless Steel Vertical Chicken Roaster Rack
Built with a bottom plate, you can even catch all th juice and grease from your chicken and create a sauce base for your poultry! 
Make a whole roasted feast quickly and effortlessly with just this tray! Use the bottom plate to roast your veggies! The dripping grease will give your veggies a tasty splash of flavor! 
Created with premium 430 stainless steel, this roaster rack is built to be durable with high heat resisting properties. 
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Stainless Steel Vertical Chicken Roaster Rack