StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device


StealthVeil™ Car Radar Blocker activates a robust jamming function through electromagnetic wave emission. This groundbreaking feature enables the device to momentarily interfere with signals emitted by speed cameras, traffic light cameras, and illegal parking sensors.

StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device involves releasing electromagnetic waves into the surrounding environment. This emission technology encompasses generating electromagnetic waves within a specific frequency range, temporarily disrupting the communication and operation of surveillance systems. This intelligent interference guarantees that these surveillance systems are incapable of detecting or recording your vehicle’s presence, providing an exceptional level of control over your privacy while on the road.

Why Choose StealthVeil™ Car Radar Blocker?

  • Easy installation, simply stick it on the car bumper
  • Works on cameras worldwide, catering to international drivers.
  • Shields your vehicle from speed camera detection.
  • Ensures traffic light cameras won’t capture your actions.
  • Blocks signals from parking sensors, preventing unwanted alerts.
  • Beyond signal blocking, offers invisibility to various surveillance systems.
  • Operates within legal boundaries, providing peace of mind.

StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device has the following product features:


  • StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device can be conveniently affixed to the car bumper (in a discreet location) or positioned behind the car license plate.


  • StealthVeil™ Car Radar Blocker X 1/2/4/8pcs
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StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device
StealthVeil™ Radar Blocking Device
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