Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle


Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle
Create a beautiful three-dimensional shape puzzle that requires no glue and can be put together with just screws.
Want a new hobby to challenge your mind? Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle is the perfect puzzle experience for you!
This is a great exercise for the mind because of its complex design and very detailed parts; which makes it a very challenging puzzle for the mind!
To ensure great craftsmanship, it is made using high-precision laser cutting technology and high-quality Stainless-Steel material.
To construct it, follow the provided manual and enjoy the process of making and creating. Don’t rush; instead, concentrate and develop patience.
A wonderful gift for special occasions or simply to enjoy with your family as a pleasant bonding activity. It’s also a fantastic collection to have.

Material: Stainless Steel
Package Inclusion: Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle (x1), Manual (x1)