Sugoola™ Fern-Infrarot-Titan-Ionen-Knieschutz


Sugoola™ Fern-Infrarot-Titan-Ionen-Knieschutz

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Based on feedback reports from 27,154 customers, after using Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard for 2 months:

28% increased their height by 5 cm.
34% increased their height by 10 cm.
38% increased their height by more than 15 cm!
In fact,some people have even increased their height by 40 cm after using Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard for 6 months!

Let’s take a look at the customers who have used this amazing product!

“OMG, I’m totally obsessed with these knee pads! Seriously, growing up, I got so much flak for being vertically challenged until I discovered these game-changer knee pads: Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard. I’ve rocked them for like 3 months, and girl, they’ve worked wonders—added a whopping 23cm to my height and totally transformed my body proportions! At first, I was low-key worried it would just make my legs longer, but surprise, surprise, my arms got in on the action too. Huge deal for someone like me with dwarfism! Now, chatting with my friends is a breeze, and life’s just way more fabulous. Totally sticking with these bad boys; heard they even amp up the height game further! Best. Purchase. Ever. Seriously, I wish all my pals struggling with the height struggle could snag a pair!” —— Caryn (26 years old Las Vegas)



I’ve struggled with the challenge of leg length discrepancy for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried various treatments without success until I stumbled upon this miraculous knee brace! In just a month, it made my legs practically the same length! It’s truly astonishing. Wearing it is not only comfortable but also, through its unique far-infrared technology and micro-adjustment brace, I’ve experienced unprecedented changes. During wear, I can feel the far-infrared technology stimulating the growth of my leg bones, while the micro-adjustment brace quietly balances leg length in my daily activities. What’s even more surprising is that my leg length issue has significantly improved! And the best part? I didn’t have to spend a fortune on surgery; it saved me over $1000. It has become my lifesaver. Grateful beyond words!—— Alexander Mitchell (26 years old Miami Brickell)

Dr. Daniel Miller recommends the use of Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard

As an orthopedic surgeon, I recommend the use of Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard for augmentation, which utilizes far infrared energy to act on titanium to promote the formation of titanium ions. These titanium ions react with calcium ions in the body, leading to the formation of wider, more porous bone trabeculae. This process stimulates the creation of new bone marrow and bone structure. The technology also releases trace ions that enhance blood circulation, stimulate acupuncture points, relieve muscle contractions, and reduce inflammation. Thus, this nanoscale coating is an innovative solution to enhance physiological processes in the body, which is why I recommend it.

What is affecting your height?

Height is influenced by factors such as genetics, nutrition, hormone levels and health conditions. Heredity determines height to a certain extent, poor nutrition can limit height development, and abnormal growth hormone levels or disease may also affect height growth.

Meanwhile, the epiphyseal line is the growth area in the skeleton, which is located at the end of the bone and is the area that connects the epiphyseal line to the mature area of the skeleton and is responsible for the growth of the skeleton and the development of the bone’s shape. Once the epiphysis closes, the body no longer continues to grow, and once it opens, height growth can be achieved!

Far-infrared titanium ion technology can enable you to achieve longer heights

Special Micro Titanium Fiber: Titanium is a non-magnetic metal with good compatibility with the human body, making it widely used in the medical field. It is used in the manufacture of artificial joints, dental implants and bone repair materials, among others. Titanium is known as the element with the highest degree of fusion with bone and the most stable. Unlike traditional implant-grade titanium, dissociated titanium ions are able to widen the bone trabeculae upon entry into the body, thus providing more space for previously closed bone growth.

Nanoscale Tourmaline Coating: Tourmaline is a silicate-rich mineral that emits far-infrared rays and negative ions, making it an important tool for emitting far-infrared rays and helping to dissociate titanium into titanium ions. It also acts as an important carrier for delivering titanium ions. This microcurrent effect enhances cellular activity in the body, promotes meridian circulation and regulates the nervous system.

How does Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard work?

Under the influence of far infrared energy, titanium reacts strongly with negative ions and dissociates into titanium ions. These ions are then oxidized in the body by oxygen ions and recombine with calcium ions to form new structures. This process increases the spacing between the calcium ions, resulting in wider, more porous trabeculae, so that the space between the epiphyses can be increased. In order to fill in the gaps between the bones, the bone cells are constantly dividing and growing, and the body produces new bone cells to grow and restore the bone structure, with the result of an increase in height.

The primary pathway for titanium transit is through the three major growth points. They enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body, accumulating in the growth plates as well as the calcium-rich areas of the knees, elbows and spine. This interaction causes the bone trabeculae to become more porous, forcing the production of new bone cells to fill in the gaps. As a result, it stimulates the growth and elongation of the legs, arms and spine, leading to overall body growth and perfect body proportions!

4 weeks to restore your normal legs!

The biological effects facilitated by Far Infrared technology and the personalized adjustment of the micro-adjustable brace are designed to provide a new, non-invasive therapeutic solution for both short and long legs. These energies are activated upon contact with the body, and when treating short and long legs, the Far Infrared technology stimulates the growth area of the leg only on the side of the leg that is to be grown at the time of wear The knee pads are equipped with precision-designed micro-adjustment braces, which can be adjusted with slight adjustments to gradually equalize the length of the leg. This process does not cause any discomfort!

What makes Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard the perfect solution for height enhancement?

✅ Promotes height growth
✅ Treats unequal leg length
✅ For dwarfism
✅ For Osteoporosis
✅ Titanium ions emit far infrared energy
✅ Special micro titanium fiber
✅ Stylish design

Here are more of our satisfied customers

“Now, I’m 31, and let me take you back to when I was 17 – stuck at 1.68m, feeling like the shortest person in the room while everyone else seemed to be hitting growth spurts! I even hit up the hospital, and the doc dropped the bomb that my epiphysis had closed shop, and I was done growing. Talk about a major bummer. But then, enter Sugoola™ – popped on those knee pads for a hot minute, and bam! I’m rocking 1.84m now! Went back to the hospital a month later, and guess what? Epiphysis is back in business! Even the doc was scratching their head. Hahahahahahahahahaha, can’t even put into words how stoked I am. Used to be the shorter sidekick to my colleague, but guess who’s towering over them now!” —— Robert Eimer (31 years old Toronto)


“I’m really sorry I didn’t discover these amazing knee pads sooner as they have given me amazing height growth. They are incredibly soft to wear and provide a stimulating sensation on the legs, which is probably due to the far infrared technology In just two months I have grown a full 10 centimeters taller! My wife and I are both ecstatic about this huge transformation and have made a point of documenting it. I used to be uncomfortable when I looked into her eyes because I couldn’t easily get her to rest her head on my shoulder, which was frustrating. My friends used to jokingly make fun of me for being a bit short, even though I was in a good mood. But now, I can boldly show off my newfound height to their complete amazement.
All of this has given me back my confidence because it has made a difference and allowed me to redefine myself.” —— Robert Williams (39, Washington)

🧺Laundry Notes:

The Sugoola™ Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard can be safely washed in the washer and dryer, as well as in cold and hot water, without compromising functionality. We recommend washing once a day. The nano-film is coated with a cross-linking agent, which chemically reacts with the micron-sized titanium fibers and the nano-sized tourmaline coating at the molecular level to form strong chemical bonds. This enhances the adhesion between the Schoger coating, titanium fibers and the substrate. Frequent washing and drying will not affect its functionality.

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