Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest


How does the Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest work?

It stimulates over 800 reflex points in the abdomen. The Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest generates energy without the need for any other power source, such as electricity. These ionic shaping vests are based on ion therapy, far-infrared therapy, and mugwort therapy, providing users with multidimensional massage and stimulation. It helps effectively stimulate blood and lymph circulation, alleviate lymphedema and inflammation, and reduce fluid retention and cellulite.

Research has shown that EELHOE™ Ion Energy Vest is an excellent choice for weight loss. Infrared therapy can stimulate the release of fatty acids and glycerol from fat cells in the body, which are then consumed by the body, resulting in weight loss.

Our LUCKYSONG™ Ion Energy Vest can help you achieve your weight loss goals, even if you don’t exercise regularly and have a balanced diet. The 80% far-infrared therapy can assist you in reaching your ideal weight. This vest helps increase metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, detoxifies the body, and eliminates accumulated cellulite and edema. The fat-burning fabric containing electric stone efficiently metabolizes fat, allowing you to burn fat while sleeping, working, or exercising, shaping your perfect body curves overnight!

The LUCKYSONG™ ion sculpting vest utilizes innovative technology with embedded graphene fibers. These fibers promote cell regeneration and improve nerve function, aiding in enhancing back health and posture. Additionally, the vest incorporates millions of magnetic nanoparticles that generate a static magnetic field, further enhancing blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The use of wormwood also enhances the effectiveness of this static magnetic field. By combining these two technologies, the LUCKYSONG™ vest provides comprehensive back health and posture improvement effects.

Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest has the following product features:


  • ●Material: Tourmaline fiber、Graphene fibres
    ●Size: High elasticity, suitable for (80-400 pounds)
    ●Seamless integrated compression structure
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Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest
Sugoola™ Ion Energy Vest
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