Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch(50x138cm)


Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch(50x138cm)
Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch(50x138cm)

Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch(50x138cm)

No more expensive leather goods gone to waste! DIY repair at LOW cost!

Instant Leather Restore Patch

The Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch seamlessly repairs cracks, rips, burn and damaged leather items, offering a flawless touch up to any old or torn areas.

Instant Leather Restore Patch

The waterproof high quality leather material blends effortlessly on flat or curved surfaces with excellent flexibility, covering patches of damages to extend the life of your leather. Designed with self-adhesive application, our restore patch is trimmable to desired size and apply in just SECONDS. No additional polishing or tools required.

Instant Leather Restore Patch


  • INSTANT REPAIR: Instantly cover up eyesore scratches, rips, gouges and scratches with quick fix.
  • FLAWLESS FINISH: Blend seamless with existing leather with realistic & natural leather texture.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: Easy to use with self adhesive application. Simply peel and apply wherever needed.
  • TRIMMABLE: Adjustable size by easy trimming with scissors to ensure perfect fit.
  • WATERPROOF SURFACE: Premium quality that is waterproof, durable and scratch-resistant for long term use.
  • FLEXIBLE: Used on soft or hard surfaces perfectly with excellent flexibility.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Use on damaged spots or as an entire top off cover up on a larger surface. Ideal on leather, vinyl, upholstery fabrics, such as car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases, and leather jackets. Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch!

Sugoola™ Self Adhesive Leather Patch(50x138cm) has the following product features:


  • Materials: PU Self adhesive Leather
  • Size: 1.38M X 0.5M
  • Color: Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Lake Blue, Brown, Gray, Burgundy, Coffee, Red, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Dark Red, Rose Pink, Light Pink, Blue, Purple


  • 1 Roll X Leather Restore Patch
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