【Mother’s Day 45% OFF】Summer Orthopedic Sandals


Summer Orthopedic Sandals
【Mother’s Day 45% OFF】Summer Orthopedic Sandals


If you are constantly struggling with heel pain and painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and you’ve visited a doctor, where they recommend to try out these comfy orthopedic sandals. How they work is they are designed for comfort and in doing so realign your standing and walking posture.

Our Summer Orthopedic Sandals provide comfortable support that helps alleviate foot, knee, and heel pain. When summers on the way you’ll want these to be the only thing you wear.

  • Realign Posture: Your posture is the most important thing in correcting your pain while standing or walking, these sandals are the right choice for realigning your posture.
  • Comfortable Molded Rubber Sole: We have designed our sandals with a comfortable molded rubber sole helping to maintain the right foot positioning, ensuring the foot is protected at all times and also helps to stabilize the foot with and without movement.
  • Arch Support: Common issues are runner’s feet, flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and other feet conditions. Our sandals provide relief to all of these.
  • Stylish: We looked into the orthopedic sandals market and only saw ugly, old style sandals. We set out to create a stylish sandal for all occasions.



  • Color: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black
  • Size: US 5 to US 10

Product Includes

  • 1 pair of Summer Orthopedic Sandals
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