Summer Sunscreen Chiffon Shirt


Summer Sunscreen Chiffon Shirt
Summer Sunscreen Chiffon Shirt

You can wear this sheer top and show off your sexy figure.

Thanks to the lapel and solid color design, it makes you very attractive.

When you pair this cardigan with a camisole or dress, you’ll look even more stylish.

The fashion of the women’s holiday shirt is its lapel and single-breasted design.

The cool silk absorbs moisture quickly, keeping the body dry and comfortable,
Water molecules circulate through the fabric and, as they evaporate, cool and cool the fabric, thus cooling the body

Suitable for casual daily wear, beach, vacation, nightclubs, bars, cocktail parties, etc.

Use soft natural materials to prevent dry skin

Fabric material and brand name quite good quality

Take the sunshade, the new sunscreen fabric effectively shields more than 99% of the comprehensive protection of ultraviolet rays, escort for travel.

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