Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch


Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch

What our customers say

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch“They do work! I suffered from an injury. The pain was constant, but since I am using Sunmly™, the pain has reduced a lot, so I can walk, swim and even drive and I do sleep better. It’s fantastic and can’t wait to purchase more.”-Vicky Lemran, 30, Mesa, AZ

“I have arthritis in my knee and it’s painful to the point of not wanting to stand. I tried the patches and find that they allow me to function as if the problem was forgotten. I’ve tried everything I’ve seen and feel that your product is the most effective. Will be buying more.”-Kathy Garza, 40, San Diego, CA

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
Sunmly™ understands and is ready to help! 

What expert say

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
“Sunmly™ is a unique, non-invasive patch that helps to provide quick and long-lasting pain relief. The patch is made with ingredients that have a proven history of safety and effectiveness. It helps combat inflammation and pain in minutes, offering all-day relief. Some may feel a warming sensation, and others report that the pain becomes less noticeable and their muscle and joint work better than before.”-Dr. Richard Steadman, Orthopedic Specialist

Get rid of your knee pains in minutes

What makes us better

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
✅ Eliminates knee pain and and stiffness
✅ Increases blood flow to the joint
✅ Anti-inflammation, anti-swelling
✅ Aids muscle and joint recovery
✅ Improves mobility & flexibility
✅ Instant relief that lasts all day

Why do you choose Sunmly™?

1. Long-term temperature stimulation can activate cell tissue, accelerate blood circulation in the knee, enhance metabolic function, relieve pain and swelling immediately, and the heaviness and weakness of the entire lower body no longer exist.
2. Double the drug absorption, go deep into the acupoints to reach the root of the disease, cover a large area of 6 major acupoints, go directly to the meridian through the knee acupoint, and then go directly to the whole body through the meridian, playing the role of dispelling disease and wind, dispelling cold

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch

Main ingredient – Wormwood

Carefully selected from 3-year-old grass wormwood leaves. After 18 processes of careful grinding and purification, it also adds valuable medicinal materials such as dogwood and white mustard seed to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
It can help clear the meridian and activate collaterals, remove swelling and pain, and achieve the effect of promoting qi and blood circulation

How does it work?

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
Improves nutrient supply and blood flow to the area
Combats inflammation and pain
Boosts natural repair processes in your body

These are my results – repair my knee and make me more energetic in just 5 days
Olivia, 26, Stay-At-Home
“My favorite thing is to play golf with my friends, but lately I’ve been lagging on the golf course because my  knee hurts and I have trouble walking. I don’t want to look weak , so often take painkillers, but my friend found out and recommended me to use Sunmly™.”
Day 1

“When the patch arrived I quickly read the instructions and put one on my knee right away. Obviously I wasn’t expecting an immediate reaction but within a short time I could feel the patch working. My knee was accompanied by a pleasant warm feeling and the pain was significantly lessened. I tried not to get too excited, but it was very encouraging.”
Day 5

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
“Well, I really didn’t believe a patch with natural herbs could help my knee pain, but it did, which is incredible. I’m back playing golf with my mates and now my golf swing rod is better than ever. I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend the Sunmly™ to anyone with knee pain.”

How to use

Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch
– Simply clean the part that needs to be applied
– Open the package and tear off the release paper
– Stick the patch on the painful area or corresponding acupuncture point
– Use each patch for 8-12 hours, 5-7 times a week


● Name: knee pain relief patch
● Shelf Life: 3 years
● Package Includes: 12 pieces / box

Package Include:

● 12pcs/pack x Sunmly™ Knee Pain Relief Patch

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