SUPGlow LED Light System

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SUPGlow LED Light System

SUPGlow LED LightSystem

Easily Install Stunning Underglow Lights For Your Paddleboard!

Color Changing LED
SUPGlow LED Light System comes with 4 different preset lights: red, blue, white, and green. That can display 16 different colors! Set your desired colors and gradients, and brightness, with the wireless remote control within 10 meters.

Long-Lasting & Waterproof
SUPGlow LED LightSystem adopts advanced LED lighting technology and is completely waterproof & submersible! It can hold up against frequent submersion in water as well as exposure to rain and snow.

Easy Installation
SUPGlow LED LightSystem is wireless! It just requires 3 x AAA batteries. Making it easy to attach to any smooth surface of your boat. No drilling holes to your paddling board!

Wide Applications
SUPGlow LED Light System can be used for paddling board stern lights, transom lights, deck lights, interior cockpit lights, cabin courtesy lights, anchor navigation lights, sidelights, and more!

How To Use
1. Simply use waterproof tape or velcro tape & it’s work!


Paddle at fantasy night with SUPGlow LED LightSystem! Get yours now!


Material: Plastic

Power Source: Battery-Powered (3 x AAA battery)

Size: 7*2.5cm

Package Inclusion/s: 

Option: 1PC SUPGlow LED LightSystem

2PCS SUPGlow LED LightSystem

3PCS SUPGlow LED LightSystem

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