SweetPush Massage Essential Oil


Excellent Benefits of SweetPush Massage Essential Oil

  • a blend of pheromones, essential oils, and carrier oils that has been proven to increase confidence and attraction in men and women
  • can have a positive effect on your interactions with other people, making them more comfortable and receptive to your presence
  • helps users feel more attractive, confident, and charismatic

  • made up of only the purest ingredients, ensuring that you get nothing but the best
  • can be used as a massage oil, and it will heighten your attractiveness to members of the opposite gender
  • a powerful, natural, and safe way to help boost your libido, enhance your drive and stamina, and improve the quality of your lovemaking
  • this lightweight formula is perfect for massaging the body, including the face, neck, back, arms, hands, and legs
  •  comes with a convenient bottle so you can apply it in precise amounts as well as prevent spills or messes
  • help you create a stronger bond with your partner, which will only serve to improve your relationship


SweetPush Massage Essential Oil has the following product features:

  • You can apply a single drop to the back of your neck and massage it.
  • You can also apply two or three drops to your palm and massage it into your skin.
  • Specifications
  • Name: SweetPush Massage Essential Oil
  • Net Weight: 30 ml
  • Type: oil
  • Target Users: both men and women
  • Product Includes
  • 1/2/3/5/10 x SweetPush Massage Essential Oil
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SweetPush Massage Essential Oil
SweetPush Massage Essential Oil
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